Parkoo PD11 Series Household Dehumidifier

Multifunctional dehumidifier with dehumidification, drying and continuous dehumidification functions, enjoying the experience that the technology creates a comfortable environment as if it were a sunny day for you.

The built-in washable air filter easily filters airborne particles and impurities to deliver dry and fresh wind, so you can enjoy fresh breathing anytime, anywhere.

Model PD11 Series
220~240V(50HZ) 110~120V(60HZ)
Capacity 20L/D 42pints/D
Air circulation 120㎡/h 120㎡/h
Water tank size 2L 2L
Net weight 14KG 14KG

33,000 ㎡

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PD11 Series
PD11 Series
PD11 Series

Elegant and fashionable appearance

Matches with a variety of home styles to enhance the freshness. LED humidity display on both the front and top, dehumidification effect can be seen at a glance.
Elegant and fashionable appearance

Multi-functional dehumidifier

DEHU: Quickly reduces the humidity of the air in the room and enjoy the pleasure as if it were a sunny day.
DRY: You can also enjoy clothes that look like they've been dried in the sun during the wet season, skin-friendly and comfortable.
CONT: Used in places with heavy moisture. Especially in spa room, laundry rooms.
Multi-functional dehumidifier
PD11 Series
PD11 Series