Distillery steam remover

Distillery steam remover and distillery workshop steam remover are well-known. In the distillery brewing workshop, due to large water consumption in the brewing process and many cooking or cooling pro...

Distillery steam remover and distillery workshop steam remover are well-known. In the distillery brewing workshop, due to large water consumption in the brewing process and many cooking or cooling processes, the entire brewing workshop has a very large heat and humidity load, and condensate is often formed on the ceiling or roof. The existence of condensate water provides conditions for the reproduction of microorganisms such as mold, which is very easy to cause moldy flowers or roofs. Once the condensed water drips, it will cause indirect or direct pollution to the brewing workers, brewing utensils, or the brewed wine, affecting the health and safety of brewing

During the brewing process in the brewing workshop of some distilleries, a large amount of moisture containing water vapor volatilized and diffused in the closed and airtight workshop, resulting in smoke in the workshop, low air visibility, slippery ground, and dirty air. It may affect the normal production and operation order of the workshop, the health and safety of the products, the service life of the machinery and equipment, and may seriously endanger the health of the holy body of employees, leading to the occurrence of occupational diseases. In this case, it is necessary to quickly remove the steam in the workshop to reduce the content of steam in the workshop; Then, how to quickly and thoroughly solve the problem of steam in the brewing workshop

More than ten years ago, the brewery designed and installed a professional stainless steel exhaust system to solve the problem of condensation or condensation water on the ceiling caused by high steam in a brewing workshop, but the effect was not ideal after the project was completed

Distillery steam remover

It was also proposed to make the workshop ceiling into an arc or inclined plane, so that the condensed water can flow along the slope or curved plane to the sump for discharge. This method is also not feasible because the workshop height is limited and the slope to prevent water droplets from dropping cannot be met

In addition, increasing the ventilation of the workshop can greatly reduce the environmental humidity of the workshop, thus significantly reducing the condensation load of the workshop. However, while increasing the ventilation, the dust and microorganisms in the outdoor environment will also enter the liquor workshop, which will bring new health threats

In view of this, the electric appliance has launched a workshop de steam and dehumidification equipment--_ The distillery steam remover and the PD series workshop dehumidifier are very effective in removing workshop steam, condensation and condensate. The equipment has two installation schemes: vertical cabinet type and ceiling type. It can be customized according to its actual needs. It can directly "develop" a dry area in areas with large steam or areas with obvious condensation and condensed water

  _ The steam dehumidifier and PD series workshop dehumidifier are highly efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly dehumidifier products manufactured by strict use of professional technology and exquisite workmanship. With an intelligent humidity constant control system, users can automatically control the operation and shutdown of the dehumidifier according to production needs, achieve efficient dehumidification effect through automatic control, and reduce the operating cost of the whole machine. Welcome to inquire the details of the steam remover in the distillery and the steam remover in the distillery

  _ Technical parameters and model selection reference of steam remover and dehumidifier for PD series workshops:

Product model ------ dehumidification capacity ------ applicable area ------ power ------ power supply ------ circulating air volume

_-- 28(L/D)---30-80(㎡)----420(W)---220V/50Hz--190m ³/ h

  _-- 58(L/D)---50-100(㎡)---670(W)---220V/50Hz--850m ³/ h

  PD-880LB--80(L/D)---100-160(㎡)--710(W)---220V/50Hz--980m ³/ H

[Requirements for dehumidifier leasing business] Provide flexible leasing schemes to meet customers' short-term and long-term leasing requirements

[Dehumidifier rental charging standard] The price can be determined according to the rental model, rental quantity and rental days

  _--- 90(L/D)---90-150(㎡)---1700(W)--220V/50Hz--1125m ³/ h

  _-- 138(L/D)--150-250(㎡)--2000(W)--220V/50Hz--1725m ³/ h

  _-- 168(L/D)--180-280(㎡)--2800(W)--380V/50Hz--2100m ³/ h

  _-- 240(L/D)--280-380(㎡)--4900(W)--380V/50Hz--3000m ³/ h

  _-- 360(L/D)--380-580(㎡)--7000(W)--380V/50Hz--4500m ³/ h

  _-- 480(L/D)--500-880(㎡)--9900(W)--380V/50Hz--6000m ³/ h

◎ Precautions for model selection -- The dehumidification capacity and model of dehumidifier are scientifically calculated mainly according to the volume of the used environment space, the size of fresh air volume, the humidity requirements required by the space environment and other specific values. In addition, it should be noted that the relative humidity of the environment is related to the temperature of the environment. The higher the temperature is, the faster the humidity will evaporate. On the contrary, the worse the effect will be. Therefore, when configuring the dehumidifier, you need to select the type under the guidance of professionals, so that you can select the dehumidifier that is most suitable for you

Core tips: most brewery workshops in the sprinkler plant will produce a large amount of steam during baking or cooking, and the continuous accumulation of large amounts of steam will seriously interfere with the ground environment and affect the normal work of personnel. Especially in cold winter, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, and a large amount of steam in the workshop will condense into water droplets on the top of the workshop, the surface of machinery and equipment or the wall when encountering cold air, which seriously affects the normal production and product quality of the workshop; Therefore, these breweries or enterprises must solve the problems of excessive steam in the workshop, condensation on the ceiling or condensed water in cold winter

Correct and reasonable application_ Distillery steam remover and PD series workshop dehumidifier are used to dry the air rich in steam in the whole brewing workshop or local areas. When the dehumidification capacity is large enough, the effect of removing steam and moisture is very obvious. At present, the equipment has been widely used in many wineries, bakeries and other factories or enterprises, as well as workshops throughout the country. All the above contents about the steam remover in the distillery and the steam remover in the distillery are provided by Zhengdao Electric, for your reference only