Moisture issues in processing powdered food to avoid clumping

Humidity control in the process of processing, packaging and storage of concentrated foodIn order to keep up with the changing tastes and lifestyles of consumers, Lemonade concentration and concentrat...
Industry  Dehumidifier_PH Series

Industry Dehumidifier_PH Series

Humidity control in the process of processing, packaging and storage of concentrated food

In order to keep up with the changing tastes and lifestyles of consumers, Lemonade concentration and concentrated fruit companies are using advanced technology to provide high-quality products to the market

Each process is to ensure that all foods can reach consumers with appropriate flavors, shapes, and a longer shelf life.

The humidity during concentration processing, packaging or storage usually plays a disturbing role in the party. Therefore, humidity control is crucial for the food industry in areas such as storage, production, packaging, processing, and low-temperature drying

Processing concentrates

When processing powdered food, especially Lemonade concentrates, concentrated fruits, protein supplements, soup powder, health food such as gelatin, dehydrated soft drink concentrates, instant coffee powder, etc. The moisture in the surrounding air can cause clumping, as well as clumping of food concentrates. It will make small particles stick together or gather together, thus inhibiting their free flow in the manufacturing or packaging process

Many granular or powdery materials are transferred to the packaging through Jet stream. This process is often referred to as pneumatic conveying or simply blowing air. Highly hygroscopic materials such as sugar, flour, starch, beverages, and food powders make humidity control a key element in material handling systems. Conveying powder, granular or flake materials through Jet stream can be significantly improved through dry air In addition, the presence of moisture in the air may interfere with the operation of the processing machine, thereby hindering the free and easy movement of food. Obviously, if moisture affects food and machinery in this way, then there must be some solutions to this problem The solution to this moisture problem is to surround the processing and manufacturing areas with dry air

Moisture may cause:

scabs, blockages in storage warehouses

blockages in pneumatic conveying systems

machine blockages

inconvenient transportation, Slow speed

Mold and mold growth

Unhygienic storage and transportation

Poor final product quality

Loss of taste and aroma of food

Short shelf life of food

Adjust humidity according to international standards

Operation/process TEM. ℃ ℉ humidity RH (%) fruit powder treatment 20-2268-7235 instant coffee milk refining manufacturer/pkg. 267925 Tomato powder production 19-2366-7325-35 Citrus crystal packaging 278115 Dry soup packaging 217020 Energy food packaging 257740-45 Instant coffee packaging 267920 Milk powder packaging 22-2572-7735-40 Biscuit and silicon chip packaging 21-2970-8435-40 Powder beverage mixed packaging 217020 Candy starch room 21-2470-7530-35 Cooling of spray dried milk powder 105035-40 Whey powder manufacturing/storage 21-2670-7915-30


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