October 17,2022

Understand common sense of air dehumidification

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Principle and purpose of dehumidifier: The dehumidifier adopts the most effective refrigeration dehumidification method at present. According to the characteristics of air, it can effectively condense the water in the indoor air into drops and discharge them to the water storage tank or outdoor. Make the indoor humidity drop continuously, so as to achieve the purpose of drying air.

Influence and harm of humidity: In our daily life, changes in weather and seasons often bring great obstacles to people's life and work.

In particular, moist air will have a direct impact on human comfort, product quality, process and equipment maintenance.

Whenever the Huangmei season or the hot summer, people feel stuffy and uncomfortable, and the damp goods will cause problems such as mildew, oxidation, rust, deterioration and aging.

However, the humidity of instruments and equipment will lead to abnormal operation and shorten the service life. It is difficult to guarantee the quality of products in the production process. High humidity will also accelerate the growth of bacteria, seriously affecting people's living environment and health. All these are the effects and harms of humidity in the air we feel.

Therefore, when the ambient humidity is too high, we must take effective dehumidification measures to reduce the humidity in the air and make the environment dry and comfortable.

Humidity range for article preservation and equipment use: (under normal temperature) Relative humidity% HR Environment for article preservation and equipment use 60%~50% Home, office, computer room, printing workshop, food processing, leather products, vacuum coating, craft color box and material warehouse 50%~40% Audio visual equipment, cultural relics, calligraphy and painting, medicinal materials, tea, food tobacco, telecommunications equipment, books and archives, storage warehouse 40%~30% precision instruments, measuring instruments Photoelectric components, chemical raw materials, polymers, semiconductors and seed preservation.

Why can't air conditioners replace dehumidifiers?

Answer: The main function of the air conditioner is cooling and heating. The air conditioner with independent dehumidification function can dehumidify, but the dehumidification capacity is small, dehumidification is slow, and cold air is blown out. The more dehumidified, the colder. In addition, since the air conditioner is fixed installation, it can only dehumidify in a small local area. More importantly, when the air conditioner dehumidifies independently, it needs to increase the load several times, which not only consumes a lot of electricity, but also damages the compressor and shortens the service life of the machine. Therefore, the air conditioner should not be used instead of the dehumidifier.