Board dryer, board drying and dehumidification integrated machine

As we all know, with the continuous maturity of the panel furniture market and processing technology, more and more large furniture manufacturers in China, even forestry and timber research institutio...

As we all know, with the continuous maturity of the panel furniture market and processing technology, more and more large furniture manufacturers in China, even forestry and timber research institutions, are beginning to focus on the research and innovation of wood panel production technology, while the existing wood panel processing technology is to cut the dried raw materials into multiple layers of different thicknesses, At present, most of the raw materials of wood-based panels are fast-growing forest wood with high water content, so they need to be completely dried before they can be used to process wood-based panels. However, there are three kinds of drying techniques for existing wood-based panel materials:

Board dryer, board drying and dehumidification integrated machine

First, the raw wood materials are directly placed at room temperature for natural drying. However, the drying principle of this drying method is simple, the drying speed is slow, and it is easy to make fast-growing trees deform and crack. The drying effect is also easy to be affected by the temperature and the surrounding environment of the place

Second, put the raw wood materials (i.e. whole fast-growing trees) in a vacuum environment and dry them by heating them in a vacuum environment. This drying process is faster than that of the aforementioned tree species. However, with the use of fast-growing trees, it is easy to crack the raw wood materials, causing cracks in the finished wood in the later processing and reducing the product quality

Third, the fast-growing trees used as raw materials of wood panels are processed into thick wood blocks, and then dried according to the second drying method. This method can improve the cracking of the second drying method, but the dried wood blocks will still change their own thickness due to the impact of their internal stress during the drying process, resulting in some parts of the dried wood blocks can not be used, It reduces the utilization rate of wood materials

At present, wood panel drying equipment on the market mainly uses coal, fuel oil, charcoal to generate heat or electric heating to generate heat to dry wood panels at high temperature. Due to the characteristics of wood panels, too fast water loss during drying will cause wood panels to dry, thus affecting the quality and subsequent processing performance of wood panels. Moreover, it does not have the function of dehumidification and dehumidification, and the drying effect is not good. In addition, during the drying process, the wood plates at the outer layer in the middle dry slowly. When the wood plates in the middle dry up to the requirements, the external wood plates have been excessively dried, and the wood plates can no longer meet the use requirements, resulting in a large waste. In addition, the gas from the drying room is directly discharged, resulting in a large amount of resource waste

Therefore, it is necessary to further improve the drying process of wood panel raw materials; According to the requirements of energy-saving dehumidification and drying of wood drying rooms and drying rooms_ G wood drying machine and Parkoo series heating, drying and dehumidifying integrated machine (applicable to dehumidification in the environment where the indoor temperature is higher than 38 ℃ but lower than 55 ℃) can not only quickly remove the moisture in the drying room, effectively control the humidity in the drying room during the whole drying process, but also select the electric heating with corresponding power to assist in temperature rise, thus greatly speeding up the drying speed, effectively improving the utilization rate of the drying room and the drying quality! Welcome to inquire the details of board dryer and board drying dehumidifier

1. Effective dehumidification: compared with conventional dehumidifiers, dehumidification can be increased by 20% - 30% in the same period of time on a year-on-year basis, and moisture absorption and moisture regain of materials can be effectively prevented

2. Stress relief: through the "flexible" drying process, the residual stress in the drying and processing of wood panels can be effectively eliminated, and the drying defects can be reduced; At the same time, it meets the water content requirements of the product terminal area

3. Powerful functions: a single machine can realize heating and dehumidification functions, and the system can freely switch the operation modes such as heating and dehumidification according to the environment; The temperature and humidity are flexibly controlled to rise and fall, which is not affected by the environment and climate, and the performance is stable

4. Multiple applications: the secondary drying of wood panels, with the moisture content dropping from 20% to less than 12%, takes 2-6 days according to the characteristics of the wood drying process. If the initial moisture content of wood panels is less than 20%, the amount of wood panels processed and the process cycle can be adjusted accordingly

5. Environmental protection and energy conservation: the new "flexible" drying and dehumidification technology can automatically complete the drying and dehumidification of wood panels with only a small amount of electric energy, which is more energy efficient than traditional drying methods, without any pollutant emissions, completely replacing various combustion boilers and stoves, and fundamentally solving the industrial pollution problem;  

 _ Technical parameters of G board dryer and Parkoo series heating, humidification, drying and dehumidification integrated machine:

Model selection of integrated dryer and dehumidifier: select the appropriate model according to the overall humidity load of the actual drying room. Specifically, calculate the cooling capacity according to its area, floor height, evaporation capacity of drying water, initial humidity value, target humidity value, indoor sealing effect, moisture dissipation source, fresh air supply and other comprehensive factors, Only after other key data such as dehumidification amount per unit time can the required model be correctly selected. If you want to know more about the board dryer, you can find out the details of the integrated board dryer and dehumidifier: Hangzhou Parkoo Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd; And_ G wood drying machine and Parkoo series heating, humidification, drying and dehumidification integrated machine can quickly reduce the humidity in the drying room without exhausting heat; Now, it only takes 16 or 12 hours to achieve the original 24-hour drying effect, greatly reducing the operating cost of the drying room. It has been widely used in drying rooms of factories and enterprises all over the country, and its effect has been recognized by all users

To sum up, wood panels are one of the important accessories used for furniture and cabinets. It is necessary to control the moisture content of wood panels in the process of wood panel processing. The existing wood panel drying methods and drying devices have shortcomings such as no air circulation, no place to discharge water vapor, inadequate thermal insulation measures, insufficient combustion of fuel, and fuel waste, which lead to low drying quality and uniformity of wood panels Inadequate labor intensity and low work efficiency of operators. Therefore, a drying device with high efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection is needed--_ G board dryer and Parkoo series heating, humidification, drying and dehumidification integrated machine can solve this problem

Xiao Bian introduced some common sense and methods on drying and dehumidifying of wood panels through the wood drying machine and the board drying and dehumidifying integrated machine mentioned above. I hope that furniture factories, wood products factories, floor processing plants, etc. can be used as a reference for understanding. When designing wood panel drying rooms and drying rooms in the future, we will use the right drying methods and choose the right wood panel drying equipment, To dry and dehumidify the boards scientifically and reasonably