June 21,2022

Why indoor swimming pool should be equipped with dehumidifier

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As we know, the water used in indoor swimming pools is tap water, which is disinfected with chlorine bleach, and to ensure the cleanliness of the water, the water needs to be disinfected every day, all of these disinfection measures are use chlorine products. So when the water on the surface of the indoor swimming pool evaporates, then the room will be filled with large amounts of ammonia chloride/trihalomethane, which is irritating to the human body and seriously harmful to human health. Trihalomethane can cause cancer!

Indoor swimming pools operate four seasons, in order to ensure constant temperature, it is necessary to use air conditioning or filtering to refrigeration and heating. In winter, boilers are used to keep the swimming pool warm. According to foreign research data, more than 90% of the heat loss in the swimming pool is caused by evaporation of the swimming pool surface! Much of this energy is in the pool air in the form of water vapor (latent heat).

In the traditional ventilation and dehumidification method (national standard: exhaust air volume is 4 times the volume of the pool room per hour), all the "latent heat energy" of the pool room will be discharged to the outside in spring, autumn and winter, resulting in a large loss of heat energy in the pool room, and a large loss of cold energy in the pool room in summer. In order to supplement the energy lost by the swimming pool, in the traditional ventilation and dehumidification way, the swimming pool has to use boilers, central air conditioning and other sources to provide a large number of heat or cold source to the indoor swimming pool and space to supplement energy, which consumes a lot of energy costs, resulting in high operating costs, seriously affecting the profitability level!

When the air cools, it condenses into droplets of water. The droplets of chlorine appear acidic and can corrode buildings or, in severe cases, cause them to collapse.

As we know, the most comfortable air humidity of the human body is in the range of 45% to 65%, the swimming pool evaporation is too large, will make the swimming pool environment is very humid, will lead to water vapor and condensation dripping, let the friendship of the people feel uncomfortable. Can bring about consumer won't come again so, the somebody else comes indoor friendship is to enjoy, not be to suffer.

These situations can be solved perfectly by dehumidifier. dehumidifier after absorbing humid air, emit dry air, and the air temperature is higher than that of indoor temperature, so that the heat energy in the swimming pool won't go away, and chlorine water vapor after entering into the dehumidifier, can form chlorine water discharge charge, so as not to cause corrosion and damage to buildings. The chlorinated water will not cause damage to the dehumidifier because of the preservative material inside the dehumidifier. After reducing the air humidity, people in the indoor swimming pool will feel comfortable, and people's health will not be affected.