June 21,2022

The effect of dehumidifier in drying food

Drying Dehumidifier_CGF Series

After the food is dried, it can be kept for a long time, so that it can be eaten in the next year, Now the drying of food materials is to primary processing of food, to obtain better economic benefits.


There are many ways to dry food materials, commonly is weathering and sun exposure, but this method is subject to natural conditions, once the rainy day, it can not dry, and due to the food materials need to turn frequently, can not ensure the integrity of food materials, during the summer, it will suffer bitten by flies mosquito, hygiene can not be guaranteed. If heating drying is used to dry food materials, the requirements for heat are very high, and in the process of drying animal food, oil oxidation phenomenon is easy to occur, leading to the deterioration of product quality.


Using dehumidifier to dry food material is a new technology, it draws lessons from the experience of traditional food processing, and carries out scientific quantitative analysis, artificial simulation of air drying environment, so that the dried food material is better than the traditional drying method in terms of appearance or quality. The technology has been tested and popularized in many food processing enterprises, and is becoming mature after continuous practice.