Dehumidifier with high temperature and humidity in summer shall be started in time

The duration of the rainy season is variable, ranging from two months to more than ten days. This ye
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Air Conditioner_KY Series

The duration of the rainy season is variable, ranging from two months to more than ten days. This year, the plum rainy season in Zhejiang is very short, only 16 days. The plum blossom enters on June 10 and rises on June 26, at least 14 days less than in previous years. The standard for plum blossom production is that there is no rain for 5 consecutive days, and the average temperature (minimum temperature plus maximum temperature divided by 2) exceeds 30 degrees, which means plum blossom production. Of course, there are also calendar and astronomical standards. I won't say much about them here.

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As soon as the plum blossom comes out, it is surrounded by high temperature and high humidity, so we will start the sauna mode. Yesterday, that is, on the day of the plum blossom, the temperature in Hangzhou soared to 35. You will sweat all over after walking outside, which will make your clothes wet. It hasn't been settled yet. It seems that Hangzhou is having a difficult summer this year. It is destined to be dominated by hot weather. If you want to rely on rain to cool down naturally, it depends on the impact of typhoon. Other thunderstorms can not restrain the invasion of rolling heat wave at all.

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It really doesn't rain when it doesn't rain. It's better to rain when it doesn't rain. As long as it's not a violent storm that can erupt mountain torrents, inundate fields and bring mudslides, it's best to have a gentle rain. Although there is no rain, the water content in the air has not decreased, and the high temperature will accelerate the evaporation rate. During the plum rain, a large part of the rain will return to the sea as mountain torrents, but a lot of it will be absorbed by the water and soil and stay in the lake. At this time, under the action of high temperature, it will slowly become water and gas and integrate into the air.

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Because it doesn't rain, the air humidity will be reduced. Someone asked, shouldn't it be necessary to prevent humidity at this time? However, it is not because the actual water content in the air is not small. Due to the high temperature, the activity of water molecules is strengthened, and the more water molecules are contained in the unit volume, which has not disappeared. Therefore, microorganisms can still obtain water from the air to reproduce and spread, which will still cause things in the home to become damp and moldy, and the production equipment will still be short circuited by damp, which will still have an impact on industrial production and family life.

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Therefore, dehumidifiers should be used in summer when there is high temperature and humidity, whether at home or in industrial production workshops and warehouses.


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