August 16,2022

Help the university data center with advanced technology and efficient service to escort the information hub

Air Conditioner_KY Series

In the era of big data, the number of data rooms in various industries is gradually increasing. The data room collects hundreds of millions of data into various computing and storage devices for high-speed reading and writing calculations. Computers and other devices are the carriers of data. With the promotion of digital campus construction, the teaching and daily work of the university are increasingly dependent on the IT system. The maintenance of the school website homepage, online office, course selection, finance and teacher-student email are the information hubs of the University.

Cf12sd dehumidifier: it can be set with 24h timing switch, with high-efficiency automatic defrosting function applicable to low temperature, and high-voltage and low-voltage protection functions of the system. Cold rolled steel plate after 1.0mm is adopted, with good sealing property and long service life. The dehumidifier is mainly used to extract and discharge the water contained in the humid air to the outside, so as to control the air humidity to the required range

Phm12eb wet film humidifier: it adopts microcomputer automatic control, has the control function of regularly opening and closing humidification, and has the dual working mode of humidification and ventilation. The setting range is 30% - 99% RH. Humidification equipment can increase moisture to dry air to increase humidity, so as to achieve the purpose of air humidity attachment within the required range.