July 12,2023

How large is the dehumidifier for 500 square meters- 10kg mobile industrial dehumidifier

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How big a dehumidifier is for 500 square meters? 10kg mobile industrial dehumidifier. The problem of dynamic humidity must be paid attention to, which can reduce unnecessary losses! Generally, factories or enterprises adopt the method of increasing ventilation. In fact, this method has little effect on preventing product damage and equipment corrosion caused by humidity, and sometimes it does not work at all

For example, in the southward weather and the plum rain season, the more ventilated, the wetter the situation will be. It can be seen that ventilation is not enough for indoor humidity. In addition to preventing moisture from entering, we also need to find ways to remove the moist air that has entered, which requires the use of_ Mobile industrial dehumidifier and PD series intelligent humidity control dehumidifier can quickly and effectively dehumidify

In general, no matter what type of industrial dehumidifier is, it has its applicable reference area. It should be noted that the applicable area marked on some industrial dehumidifiers is calculated based on the floor height of 2.6 meters. However, the height of many dehumidifier spaces or areas is generally more than 3m. At this time, the area should be increased for calculation, and appropriate dehumidifier products should be selected according to the actual use and storage of products

For example, if the floor area of a warehouse is 500 ㎡ and the floor height is 6 m, the dehumidifier should be configured according to the area of 1000 ㎡. The dehumidifier configuration scheme should be selected with a total dehumidification capacity of about 1000 kg per day. If there are many products and articles stored in the warehouse and the humidity is required to be low, the configuration should be increased appropriately. At this time, the dehumidification capacity of 1000 kg per day should be the appropriate configuration. It is suggested to adopt the configuration scheme of multiple dehumidifiers, which is more conducive to the circulation of dry air

Case: The warehouse of Shanghai Generator Parts Factory needs dehumidification. The warehouse area is about 500 square meters, the floor height is 3 meters, the product does not contain moisture, the space is airtight, the temperature is 25 ° C, and the humidity is required to be within 60% RH. The dehumidifier needs to be installed. It is recommended that only two sets of dehumidifiers with a dehumidification capacity of 10kg/h be used for electrical appliances_ Mobile industrial dehumidifier can meet the above requirements

To sum up, the correct selection of industrial dehumidifiers should reasonably select the most suitable dehumidifier according to the characteristics of products in various industries and humidity requirements in combination with their own actual conditions. Multiple configurations can improve the dehumidification efficiency