The AC has its own dehumidifying function Do you need a dehumidifier?

Spring and summer has always been a sultry and humid time in southern China, especially in the rain is catching up, the room walls, pavement will be water, around the wet, all the room feel

Spring and summer has always been a sultry and humid time in southern China, especially in the rain is catching up, the room walls, pavement will be "water", around the wet, all the room feel must grow mold.

So how do you dehumidify a room properly? How much indoor humidity is appropriate? Indoor humidity at a constant 45-60% of the human body is the most comfortable

The AC has its own dehumidifying function Do you need a dehumidifier?

  Excessive humidity in the indoor environment can cause damp furniture, moldy walls, rusty appliances, breeding bacteria, and health hazards, such as eczema, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. This is especially true during the rainy season in the middle and lower Yangtze River areas. This phenomenon is particularly serious during the rainy season in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River.

  The indoor environment is too dry, which can cause cracking of floors and walls, dry human skin and sore throat. Therefore, a comfortable and healthy living environment is conducive to your family's health and can also improve the quality of life. Especially at home with the elderly or children, the body resistance is relatively low, comfortable, healthy, energy-saving living environment is more important.

  Air conditioning dehumidification is precisely the use of humidity regulation to make the human body feel comfortable, in two modes with dehumidification function:

  Cooling mode: to reduce air temperature for the purpose of removing water vapor at the same time. The process of air conditioning refrigeration is inevitably accompanied by dehumidification, humid air through the air conditioner evaporation temperature will drop dramatically, the air humidity is in a state of oversaturation, the excess water vapor in the form of condensate precipitation, condensation in the evaporator fins, that is, "condensation", and so on, until the refrigeration mode to reach a certain equilibrium, the humidity in the air will be The humidity of the air will also decrease.

  Independent Dehumidification Mode: Aims to remove water vapor while lowering the air temperature. The basic principle is to reheat the cooled air through the evaporator to its original temperature and then send it into the room, so that the indoor environment remains relatively constant while the humidity drops.

  Central air conditioning dehumidification settings

  Air conditioner dehumidification temperature automatic setting

  Most central air conditioning dehumidification when the temperature is automatically set by the manufacturer, this air conditioning in the dehumidification mode, the control circuit will first check the room temperature, and then set the target value of the operating temperature, and generally lock this set value. No need to set the temperature when using, just turn on the air conditioning dehumidification function.

  Air conditioning dehumidification temperature manual setting

  When dehumidifying the air conditioner, it is recommended to set the temperature 4 degrees lower than the room temperature. For example, if the indoor cooling temperature is set at 27 degrees, it is best to set the dehumidifying temperature at 23 degrees.

  Do not turn on the dehumidification mode for a long time

  In the dehumidification mode, the compressor is turned on intermittently, compared with the general refrigeration mode, the compressor works for a shorter period of time, so the dehumidification mode is relatively more energy-saving than the refrigeration mode. But long-term use of dehumidification mode may cause the air too dry, affecting human respiratory health; outdoor temperature is too high, long time use of dehumidification mode may damage the compressor of the air conditioner, generally use 1-2 hours at a time.

  Can an air conditioner replace a dehumidifier?  Air conditioning is designed for temperature control, using temperature sensors to control the room temperature, dehumidification is only an auxiliary function, air conditioning dehumidification, the compressor is on for 10 minutes and stop for 3 minutes, through this time limit to control the humidity, can not really control the humidity, and air conditioning dehumidification is dehumidified at low wind speed, and thus dehumidification volume is limited.

  Dehumidifier is designed to control the environmental humidity, through the humidity sensor is good to control the start and stop of the compressor, so that the compressor runs at high efficiency, so as to accurately control the environmental humidity. Weteng dehumidifier system is fully automated control, easy to operate, easy to move, suitable for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and other multi-areas, the practicality of the price is high, it is a good choice.

  Air conditioning with independent dehumidification can be dehumidified, but the amount of dehumidification is small, slow dehumidification, air conditioning dehumidification blowing cold wind, room temperature may cause discomfort; professional dehumidifiers with lower power, the use of relatively more energy-efficient, and room temperature dehumidification, will not reduce the temperature of the room. Therefore, air conditioning should not be used instead of dehumidifier. Conditions, it is recommended to purchase a professional dehumidifier for indoor dehumidification operations.