May 23,2023

Ultra low capacity disinfection atomizer, portable epidemic prevention disinfection and sterilization atomizer

Household Dehumidifier_PD08 Series

Ultra low capacity disinfection atomizer, portable epidemic prevention disinfection and sterilization atomizer technology dynamic epidemic prevention and control, public health disinfection is very important, the importance of doing a good job in environmental disinfection and sterilization need not be overemphasized, through the key focus areas, susceptible areas, high-density crowd gathering places, indoor space and indoor offices, disinfection and epidemic prevention work can be done to avoid the impact of external and internal problems as far as possible

Therefore, disinfection and epidemic prevention of the living space and regional environment can not only reduce the invasion and damage of bacteria and viruses, protect the physical health of a family, but also be essential for blocking the spread of the epidemic and preventing its spread.

Public health and safety, everyone has been striving to do well, but there are basically misconceptions about the selection of disinfection equipment in the specific process, and there is no attention to the impact of droplet size on biosafety. The size and uniformity of droplets are the key to the success of immunization and disinfection.

ST-50 portable ultra-low capacity disinfection atomizer spray head can reach 6-8 meters, 3.5L large capacity medicine box, 5mm thickened shell is more durable and professional. High cost performance, wide application range and comprehensive functions, it is the best choice for spray immunity, disinfection and low-cost solutions! Disinfection, sterilization, and disinfection of spaces such as health and epidemic prevention agencies, hotels, and public places. It is specially used for spray disinfection of epidemic confined areas and spaces in buildings

According to EPA certification data, the ultra-low volume spray+chlorine dioxide (drug) can kill the most difficult to kill small non enveloped virus and inactivate coronavirus. Suitable for food processing, planting, hygiene, animal husbandry, transportation, public places disinfection and sterilization, no dead corner coverage, long endurance, used in hotels, hotels, trains, airplanes, hospitals, schools, factories, warehouses, (workshops) supermarkets, transportation hubs, and other indoor and outdoor spaces for quick killing and blocking of bacteria and viruses, disease and pest control, odor control, and air purification