August 20,2023

Is there a new wave of influenza in March- Animation teaches you how to prevent

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On January 17, at a public health forum in Guangzhou, Zhong Nanshan explained the characteristics of influenza in 2018. He pointed out that the current epidemic of Influenza B virus had some variations, and the number of Yamagata virus B in the infected population increased significantly. At present, the domestic trivalent influenza vaccine has not had an ideal preventive effect on influenza B. He called for the production of the tetravalent vaccine as soon as possible to include it. He also reminded that a new wave of influenza may occur in March and high vigilance must be exercised Is there a new wave of influenza coming again

On January 17, Academician Zhong Nanshan, director of the National Clinical Medical Research Center for Respiratory disease, pointed out at a public health forum that the current Influenza B virus had some variations, and said that a new wave of influenza might hit in March

Zhong Nanshan introduced that according to Nucleoprotein, influenza can be divided into four main anti prototypes: A, B, C and D, of which A and B are more common. For example, type A H3N2 and type A H1N1; There are two subspecies of type B: Victoria type and Yamagata type

Air circulation and prevention of influenza infection are the key points. Generally, families can purchase a dehumidifier to reduce indoor humidity to prevent influenza transmission, But influenza viruses sometimes mutate and become unpredictable threats for people

For example, from the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2018, the subtype Yamagata of Influenza B virus increased significantly. The population lacks immunity to this new virus subtype, and there is no matching vaccine now

Zhong Nanshan also reminded that according to the law in recent years, bird flu may enter the fifth epidemic season. If bird flu is mixed with human flu, the problem will be serious and we must be highly vigilant How should we prevent it

It's definitely not good to drink only Banlangen. Academician Zhong Nanshan said that in addition to professional prevention methods such as disinfection and ventilation, avoiding crowded places, and enhancing self-care, vaccination is the best choice

The vaccine should take effect within two weeks, and remember to inject it in advance before the outbreak of the flu.

. If you have symptoms of influenza, please seek medical attention as soon as possible