Cold fog machine, spray humidification, disinfection and deodorization

It is well known that the technological trends of the cold fog machine, spray humidification disinfection and deodorization are all well known. During the epidemic prevention and control period, the v...

It is well known that the technological trends of the cold fog machine, spray humidification disinfection and deodorization are all well known. During the epidemic prevention and control period, the virus needs to be disinfection and sterilization frequently in daily life, work and office, industrial production and logistics storage. For example, in some large industrial plants such as Foxconn and BYD, where there are many employees and machines are roaring, it is more necessary to disinfect and humidify workshops, offices and other places frequently

At present, it is summer, and the production workshops, silos and waste water and solid waste treatment sites in the plant area are more likely to breed bacteria, so effective measures need to be taken to disinfection and sterilization. Some industrial plants not only have requirements for aseptic environment, but also have high requirements for humidity. For textile, spraying, electronics, medicine, tobacco, cement and other industries, humidity needs to be controlled within an appropriate range to ensure product production efficiency and quality

How to achieve the effect of simultaneous disinfection and humidification in the plant area? At present, it is a very good choice to use the cold fog machine on the market to carry out spray humidification, disinfection, sterilization, deodorization and odor removal. For air humidification, the fog cooler adopts special ultrasonic high-frequency atomization technology, which can atomize water to form fog particles with a diameter of only 1-5 μ M ultra-fine water mist particles, low energy consumption, high-speed and uniform humidification, quickly increase the air humidity of the plant room machine

In terms of disinfection and sterilization, solutions of disinfectants such as hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid can be added into the atomizing box of the fog cooler according to the corresponding proportion, and the liquid medicine can be sprayed out with the water mist to comprehensively disinfection and sterilization the indoor environmental space, air, personnel, vehicles, object surfaces, etc. in the factory workshops, warehouses, etc., so as to help enterprises prevent epidemics, fight viruses, and maintain environmental health. This non-contact environmental disinfection method replaces the traditional disinfection method and is the standard and trend of efficient disinfection and sterilization at present and in the future

To this end, fog coolers are widely used in the production, processing, transportation and various environmental fields of food and drug industries, which can give full play to the application advantages of fog coolers. In addition to better cooling and fresh-keeping functions, fog coolers can also have better cooling effects. With its bactericidal function, more stable use performance and better safety, it is naturally better used in food and drug production and processing industries, plays an important role in various cold chain transportation processes, leading to better utilization of advantages and performance standards

Nowadays, with the wider application scope of fog coolers, the application scope of application environment is gradually promoted, mainly because the functional advantages of fog coolers are better reflected, and the actual effect of functions has reached a better standard and played a role. The diversified comprehensive use functions of the cold fog host can meet the use requirements of various environmental fields, and truly achieve the ideal effect of environmental dust disinfection, so it will bring better advantages in the application process

In fact, in addition to the above use environment, the cold fog host can also be widely used in other fields, such as environmental cooling in various industries. There are various types of artificial landscapes. In short, the air humidity can be improved, as if one can breathe more fresh and moist air in the fog. It has a certain role in dust removal and air purification, and will indeed have better use advantages, However, the premise is to select the machinery and equipment produced by manufacturers of appropriate brands

R&D and production of electrical appliances_ Intelligent cold fog machine and XD series cold fog spray machine occupy a place in the market and are recognized by many customers. They have the advantages of large spray volume, high humidification and disinfection efficiency, and stable equipment operation. In addition, it provides customers with full service, and provides cost-effective options according to the actual situation of different customers, such as plant area, installation, etc. All the above contents about the cold fog machine, spray humidification disinfection and deodorization sample line are provided by Mashima Electric, for your reference only