July 12,2023

Hospital dedicated humidifier, hospital fog free clean wet film humidification system

Rotary Dehumidifier_BA Series

The technical trends of hospital dedicated humidifier and hospital fog free clean wet film humidification system are well known. Outpatients and wards of major hospitals have very complex personnel and large flow of people. Most hospitals have poor ventilation effects, and pathogens such as bacteria and germs exist everywhere. The smell of disinfection and various agents makes the air environment of the hospital seriously polluted. If the relative humidity of the indoor environment in various areas of the hospital is too low or dry, Facilitate the spread of bacteria in the air

The relative humidity is generally maintained in the range of 40%~60% RH, and the human body has a good sense of comfort. If the relative humidity is lower than 20% RH, the air will feel very dry, and the particles inhaled by people will increase greatly, which will easily make people suffer from colds and other diseases

When the humidity is kept at about 55% RH, it is difficult for bacteria to spread. If the relative humidity of the air environment is too high, when it reaches about 90% RH, the respiratory system and mucous membrane of the human body will suffer discomfort, and their immunity will also decline, which is more harmful to the elderly, and can cause influenza, bronchitis, asthma and other symptoms

Therefore, the use of QS-12 hospital dedicated humidifier and QS series cabinet type wet film humidifier to maintain an environment with appropriate relative humidity is conducive to the physical and mental health and rehabilitation of patients. The equipment is a fog free and clean humidification system, mainly composed of wet film, fan motor, fan blade, water pump, electric control, etc. The core component of the humidification system is the evaporation medium - wet film. The material is made of glass fiber or plant fiber added with special chemical materials, with good evaporation and water absorption

When the heating system is turned on in winter, this will make the air very dry, causing the atmospheric humidity to drop to 15-20% relative humidity (% rH). The HEVAC Institute's humidity group recommends that a healthy humidity level be maintained between 40-60% RH. In the normal working environment, lower than this level may cause discomfort, such as respiratory problems, headache, and sore throat, thus increasing the absence rate of employees. However, in the hospital environment, the impact of humidity is more serious

The humidifiers used in the design of conventional hospitals are basically electrode humidifiers, electric humidifiers and secondary steam humidifiers in laboratories, operating rooms and other places with high humidity requirements. For other comfortable functional areas, some designers choose QS-12 hospital specific humidifiers and QS series cabinet type wet film humidifiers