June 14,2023

Evaporative pattern drying room dehumidifier, evaporative pattern drying method

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It is known that the energy consumption of EPC pattern drying is an important part of the energy consumption in the whole EPC process. In a certain area, the factors that affect the drying of the appearance mainly depend on the humidity and temperature of the drying chamber and the speed of air convection in the drying chamber. Relatively low humidity, appropriate temperature and fast indoor wind speed are conducive to the drying of the appearance

The evaporative pattern drying room and drying room applicable to small and medium-sized casting workshops adopt refrigeration dehumidification drying technology, which realizes the recycling of most energy and greatly reduces energy consumption. The normal temperature and low humidity working environment of the drying room greatly improves the working conditions of the operator. The drying chamber also has the advantages of less investment, automatic control, simple maintenance and production safety

[Application example] In 2020, a company plans to use an old workshop of about 150m3 to transform into a EPC drying room, with an estimated annual output of 1000t EPC castings. Two design schemes were formed at that time

Scheme I: the traditional drying method is adopted. The scheme is as follows: ① Electric heating tube 10 × 2KW, ② Ventilator 2 × 0.37KW, ③ a set of automatic temperature control system, ④ lighting lamp 2 × 0.1KW, ⑤ The four walls and top of the room are made with foam plastic insulation layer and asbestos cloth fire proof layer, and are sealed and decorated. The total power is about 21KW, and the investment is about 17,000 yuan. The control temperature of the drying room is 45~50 ℃, and the relative humidity is ≤ 55% RH

Scheme II: adopt the drying method of drying dehumidifier. The scheme is as follows: ① One PD-45G dehumidifier for EPC drying room × 4.9kW, ② 12kW electric heating pipe, ③ simple sealing decoration for rooms. The total power is about 17KW, and the investment is about 15000 yuan. The control temperature of the drying room is 20~30 ℃, and the relative humidity of the dehumidifier is set< 30%RH。 Theoretical calculation shows that 50% electricity can be saved compared with Scheme I

The company adopted Plan II, which, after two years of production and operation, fully met the requirements for annual production of 1000 t castings. Figure 2 is the schematic diagram of the scheme implemented by the company

The normal working condition of the drying chamber is that the dehumidifier operates in a continuous dehumidification mode for 24 hours. When the indoor relative humidity is

In view of the demand for energy-saving dehumidification and drying in drying rooms and drying rooms, the PD-45G EPC drying room dehumidifier and the PD series heating, heating, drying and dehumidifying integrated machine developed and produced by the electrical appliances can not only quickly remove the moisture in the drying room, effectively control the humidity in the drying room during the whole drying process, but also can select the corresponding power of electric heating to assist in heating, thus greatly accelerating the drying speed, It effectively improves the utilization rate of the drying room and the drying quality! You can inquire about the details of the dehumidifier and drying method of the EPC pattern drying room

Technical parameters of PD-45G EPC drying room dehumidifier and PD series heating, heating, drying and dehumidifying integrated machine:

Model selection of integrated dryer and dehumidifier: select the appropriate model according to the overall humidity load of the actual drying room, specifically, calculate the cooling capacity, dehumidification capacity per unit time and other key data according to its area, floor height, evaporation capacity of drying water, initial humidity value, target humidity value, indoor sealing effect, moisture dissipation source, fresh air supply and other comprehensive factors to correctly select the required model. If you want to know more about the dehumidifier in the EPC drying room, you can find the details of the EPC drying method in Hangzhou Zhengdao Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

To sum up, PD-45G EPC drying room dehumidifier and PD series heating heating drying dehumidifier are small in size, flexible and convenient to move and install, and can be used alone or combined with other drying equipment. They are not only suitable for the selection of new workshops, but also can be used as technical transformation equipment for energy conservation and improvement of working environment in old workshops. Because of its large circulating air volume, selecting a reasonable location or slightly modifying the air outlet can obtain flowing air in the drying room to accelerate the drying process

Freeze dehumidification and drying technology -- As an advanced and mature drying and dehumidification process technology, PD-45G evaporative pattern drying room dehumidifier and PD series heating drying dehumidifier are applied more and more in the current EPC industry, which will be a potential technical method. This technology can also be considered for the drying of raw sand, mold and core, which may be a new application direction and low-carbon environmental protection An idea of safe and energy-saving production! All the above technical trends about the dehumidifier in the EPC pattern drying room and the EPC pattern drying method are provided by the electrical appliances for your reference only