March 01,2023

Cellar air conditioner, cellar constant temperature and humidity machine

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It is well known that wine cellar air conditioner and wine cellar constant temperature and humidity machine

. Nowadays, in many occasions, red wine or wine has its indispensable reason

People who like tasting wine have different shapes and colors; Wine tasting is actually an attitude, but also an attitude towards life

People who take life seriously will take everything seriously, even wine, and will treasure and taste it carefully

Just like an advertisement: If you love TA, give it the best. Yes, people who really love wine and understand wine will definitely create an environment suitable for it

Forbes magazine mentioned that "in the future, it will not be a private swimming pool, a private gym, but a private wine cellar that will show the quality of life."

If it is delicate, the temperature, humidity and light of the environment will affect its taste and quality

The changeable and difficult to control storage environment makes wine a unique alcoholic beverage with personality, variety of tastes and styles

It can be said that there are no two identical wines in the world, just as there are no two identical people

How to create a professional wine cellar environment suitable for wine storage? This is indeed something that wine lovers are very particular about The accurate control of

▲ humidity is a problem that should be paid attention to during the construction of the wine cellar

The humidity should be kept at about 60-70% RH. Too wet may cause the cork and the label of the wine to rot, and too dry may cause the cork to dry and lose its elasticity, making it impossible to seal the bottle tightly

▲ Wine products also have very strict requirements on temperature, so the control of constant temperature is the key to wine cellar design

/ZEDO Cellar Air Conditioner, the Cellar Constant Temperature and Humidity Machine integrates four main functions of refrigeration, heating, dehumidification and humidification. Based on intelligent control technology, it adopts microcomputer automatic control, sets the temperature and humidity value to be controlled, and achieves automatic shutdown

If the storage environment is higher than the set temperature and humidity, it will start automatically to achieve automation. The temperature can be accurately controlled within ± 2 ℃ and the humidity accuracy can be controlled within ± 5% RH, making the wine storage environment at constant temperature and humidity for 24 hours

/ZEDO cellar air conditioner. The cellar constant temperature and humidity machine can be divided into three types according to the installation mode: ceiling type, vertical cabinet type and wall mounted type. Different forms of cellar air conditioner can be selected according to the site conditions

▲ How to match the space of the cellar air conditioner ³, 60m ³, 100m ³;

Professional wine cellar is the attitude of wine lovers, and professional wine cellar equipment is the gospel of private wine cellars

As a manufacturer of special temperature and humidity control equipment, electrical appliances use intelligent temperature and humidity control technology to protect every life style and fun

Wine is a symbol of one's taste, and the process of collecting good wine is also a process for wine lovers to pursue a higher quality life. This process needs to be more professional and accurate