March 05,2023

Ceiling pipe type dehumidifier, hoisting ceiling central pipe dehumidification system

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In recent years, people's pursuit of living comfort is getting higher and higher. For the indoor environment, it is no longer limited to the pursuit of temperature comfort, but gradually began to pay attention to whether the humidity is appropriate

The influence of humidity on the human body is not as obvious as the body feeling of temperature. If it is too cold or too hot, it can be immediately detected, but it is the long-term cumulative effect of moistening things silently

As the harmfulness of humidity is known by more and more people, relevant dehumidification and humidification products gradually enter the consumers' vision and play an important role in people's daily life

▲ Hazards of excessive humidity:

2. Excessive air humidity will also cause damage to indoor electrical appliances. If household appliances are slightly affected with damp, they will be powered off. If they are seriously affected with damp, they will be short circuited, causing fire and electric shock accidents, greatly shortening the service life and causing hidden dangers to users' personal safety

3. The living environment with too much humidity will endanger your health and easily cause rheumatism and bronchitis. If people have some inflammatory diseases such as asthma and arthritis, they will get worse

  (ZEDO)_ D suspended ceiling pipe dehumidifier and Parkoo series suspended central pipe dehumidifier are special electrical products used for indoor moisture-proof of buildings. They not only inherit all functions and characteristics of conventional dehumidifiers, but also achieve all-round three-dimensional dehumidification without affecting the decoration effect, so as to achieve the goal of preventing moisture and dehumidifying both symptoms and root causes. It is composed of compressor, two evaporators (evaporator and condenser), fan, water tank or straight drain pipe, casing and controller. The dehumidifier installed in the suspended ceiling is connected with a series of exhaust outlets through pipes to keep the indoor air dry and comfortable

  (ZEDO)_ The working principle of D ceiling pipe dehumidifier and Parkoo series central pipe dehumidifier is that the fan sucks the moist air into the machine, and the evaporator surface is lowered below the dew point temperature of the air through the compressor refrigeration system. When the moist air passes through the evaporator, the water in the air will be decomposed and attached to the surface of the evaporator, and the water will flow along the hydrophilic platinum on the evaporator to the ponding tank and then to the water tank or drain pipe for discharge, The dehumidified dry cold air is heated by the heat recovered from the condenser and then discharged out of the machine, so as to make the wet room dry

  (ZEDO)_ D ceiling pipe dehumidifier and Parkoo series hoisting central pipe dehumidifier can not only achieve strong dehumidification, but also 24 hours of intelligent self operation. Now it has been widely used in villas, office buildings, underground parking lots, resorts and other construction projects to make people's lives more comfortable. All the above contents about ceiling pipe dehumidifier and lifting ceiling central pipe dehumidifier system are provided by Parkoo Electric, for your reference only