May 18,2023

Indoor spray cooling machine, indoor spray cooling technology

Indoor spray cooling machine, technical trends of indoor spray cooling technology According to scientific statistics, 1kg of water is excited into floating artificial fog, and the effect is equal to dissolving 7kg of ice, which can generally reach a cooling effect of 6 ℃ - 10 ℃. In extreme cases, the cooling range can be 14 ℃. Low operating costs have a significant and rapid cooling effect

The cooling principle of artificial fog space environment is the principle of double flow of gas and fog, evaporation and heat absorption. The cooling terminal ZS-120Z indoor spray cooler and ZS series intelligent ultrasonic spray humidifier diffuse the fog particles with a diameter of 1-10 microns to the cooling area, evaporate continuously in the process of diffusion, and absorb a large amount of heat energy in the area

The spray cooling technology was applied very early. In 2002, the solution for outdoor large-scale spray cooling system was given. However, the first large-scale application was at the Aichi World Expo in Japan, and the most successful application was at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo

Nowadays, most industrial factories are made of color steel plate structures. Due to the summer sun radiation and the heat generated by equipment operation in the factory, the ambient temperature reaches over 40 ℃, which brings discomfort to the workers. Production efficiency and quality have also decreased, and improving the working environment has become an issue that cannot be ignored

The ZS-120Z indoor spray cooling machine and ZS series intelligent ultrasonic spray humidifier are new cooling equipment with high efficiency and energy conservation. They spray water mist particles from a special nozzle and rapidly diffuse in the air. During the diffusion process, they are continuously evaporated and absorb a lot of heat energy, and the ambient temperature can drop 3~5 ℃ instantly. After the whole set of equipment of the spray cooling system is started, only 6W power is needed for atomizing 1L of water, and the energy consumption is also very low. It only costs 10 yuan per day for water and electricity

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