May 28,2023

Special humidifier for film coating machine, equipped with humidification device for film coating machine

Household Dehumidifier_PD08 Series

The special humidifier for the film coating machine and the accompanying humidification device technology are dynamic. With the arrival of winter, the air gradually dries and the humidity decreases, resulting in significant moisture loss of the original paper during storage. Film coating production is a process of heating PE and laminating with paper. Normally, 1-2% moisture is lost before and after film coating, which can cause the film coating paper to always break at the end in packaging. Firstly, it can cause moisture loss in the finished paper, secondly, external dust pollution in the finished product, and thirdly, poor appearance can affect the product image Based on the above situation, solutions must be sought to increase the moisture content of the coated paper, ensure perfect packaging, reduce customer complaints, and improve the competitiveness of our products. Adhering to the concept of quality first, the film coating team has embarked on a process of humidification technology transformation

The first choice is the industrial humidifier. There is an industrial humidifier equipped for the new film coating machine in the workshop, which has the advantage of large and adjustable humidification capacity, but the disadvantage is its large volume and insufficient installation space for the film coating machine. Another solution is to purchase a new small industrial humidifier because the speed of the film coating machine is slow, and the small one_ The dedicated humidifier for the film coating machine and the ZS series intelligent ultrasonic industrial humidifier can meet the needs

Considering that due to design, production capacity, and other reasons, when the new film machine is in place, all film orders are transferred to the new machine and industrial humidifiers are purchased separately, which is a waste.

. So we need to focus on the transformation of the original film coating machine and how to expand the installation space of industrial humidifiers

After on-site investigation and measurement of the equipment, after communication with the manufacturer and confirmation of no other impact, it can be removed and industrial humidifiers and reinforced wall panels can be installed.

_ The dedicated humidifier for the film coating machine and the ZS series intelligent ultrasonic industrial humidifier have been successfully installed. According to the detection of water content, the amount of water added can be adjusted to avoid cracking