September 03,2023

Dehumidifier in Candy Workshop Improves Product Quality

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In the candy industry, the quality of finished products is crucial. Close control of air humidity in various manufacturing processes is considered key to maintaining high standards


Fat blooming and sugar blooming are two common problems when manufacturing and storing chocolate. Two types of frosting will occur within a few hours after production, and this may occur when the ambient air is too humid. The relative humidity (RH) during production and storage should not exceed 60%. Using dry air to cool chocolate products in a cooling tunnel can prevent condensation from forming on the product and assembly line. This improves the hygiene level, and the product will not become sticky or stick to the conveyor belt Sugar coated products need to maintain control over environmental humidity. If the environmental humidity is too high, the quality will be affected and the product is prone to sticking together. In humid seasons, humidity also means that the drying time and coating time will be extended. dehumidification ensures the same drying time and quality throughout the year

Packaging if they are damp boxes and pallets stacked and stuck on the conveyor belt of the packaging machine. The packaging process can be improved by using dry air, as this ensures that the product does not get stuck on the machine or packaging Sugar state: Sugar becomes sticky or even dissolves if the environmental humidity is too high. It is a good idea to control the humidity of the warehouse environment when storing loose sugar or jute bags. Dry air should be supplied to the sugar bin to protect the top space from condensation

Precautions for the use of the dehumidifier in the candy workshop

1. The optimal temperature range for the use of the dehumidifier is 15 ℃~38 ℃

2. When the dehumidifier is used, the doors and windows should be closed as far as possible to achieve the best dehumidification effect

3. The Dehumidifier should be placed in the center of the room to achieve uniform dehumidification, and the air inlet and outlet should not be blocked by obstacles

4. The Dehumidifier should be placed flat during use, and should not be tilted or turned upside down to avoid machine failure or abnormal sound

5. The Dehumidifier should be placed in a space where corrosive gas and high dust are not allowed. For corrosive gas, please purchase a Dehumidifier with anti-corrosion function; For use in high dust environments, please regularly clean or replace the filter screen, and clean the dust in both devices to ensure dehumidification performance

6. After transportation, please leave the Dehumidifier for 4-6 hours before starting it