March 03,2023

Central air conditioning auxiliary humidifier, one humidifier for the whole house

Household Dehumidifier_PD08 Series

It is well known that the indoor air is easy to dry in winter, and the lower the outdoor temperature is, the easier the indoor air is to dry, making people feel uncomfortable. At this time, you may need to turn on the humidifier

Generally, the indoor relative humidity is about 60%, which makes people feel most comfortable. Unfortunately, everyone's office can't keep so much humidity. Usually there is a humidity control switch on or near the humidifier. The humidity is usually set according to the outdoor temperature. In general, the colder the outdoor temperature is, the lower the humidity setting should be

If your office is a new office or a well sealed office, you may not really need an air humidifier. First, many materials of the new office, such as foundation or wood, will emit a lot of moisture before they are completely dry. Therefore, the humidity of the new office was very high in the previous years. You may want to find ways to reduce the indoor relative humidity in winter, rather than humidification

In an enclosed office, the indoor hot air can stay long enough to get enough water from, for example, toilets, hand basins, kitchens, and people's breathing, so that people do not feel the air is dry. But in older offices, due to the poor sealing of doors and windows, the indoor and outdoor air exchange is fast, especially in cold weather, you may need an air humidifier to make the room more comfortable

  _ The wall mounted central air-conditioning auxiliary humidifier can humidify the entire office space, and can automatically start and stop according to the target humidity, so that the humidity can be controlled within the comfortable range of human body for a long time. After entering the company, the air in every corner is comfortable. The comfortable humidity can keep the mind clear and the office efficiency is higher

  _ Wall mounted central air-conditioning auxiliary humidifier is generally located next to the heater or central air-conditioning, and is usually installed on the return air duct of the heater or central air-conditioning. At the same time, you will see a thick pipe connecting the humidifier and the vent pipe; You will also see a very thin water pipe and wire connected to the humidifier. On the top of the humidifier, there will be a humidity control switch