May 20,2022

The performance of industrial dehumidifier in different kinds of industry

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dehumidifier is a professional moisture removal equipment, can reduce the air humidity, in the beginning, it used for industry to adjust the temperature and humidity of production environment or warehouse, in order to avoid goods damage in the production and storage process. Later the scope of use is more and more wider, we can find them whether in industry or commerce, and there are many varieties, not only used in industry but also in the home which used to dry things, got the good results. In industrial production, food, pharmaceutical, machinery and other industries are the most common, while use in commercial, warehousing, property and other industries are widely used.

For the food industry, dehumidifier moisture dehumidification is to avoid the food will be damp mildew. Food production and storage is not only to ensure no leakage (such as the ceiling is leaking) , no insect pest, equipment cleaning and other basic conditions, but also to ensure that the air humidity also can not too high, if the humidity is too high, the food is easy breed mold, produce toxic substances, cause food poisoning, disease, cancer and so on, so food production and storage should be kept low temperature, dry, ventilated.

In mechanical industry, the effect of the dehumidifier is important tool, the production equipment will rust after using a period of time, some people think this is normal phenomenon, in fact not, because in high humidity environment, production equipment of the shell and the internal electronic components are affected, humidity can increase the corrosion rate of metal shell, but also reduce the insulation performance of electronic components, lead the production equipment damp short circuit, which will reduce the service life of the equipment. The dehumidifier can reduce the air humidity, which can remission aging speed of the equipment.

In the role of logistics and storage, it’s service object covers food, tea, clothing, leather, furniture, electronic products, hardware and electrical appliances and other industries. The process of the goods in the storage is required to clear the environment humidity, it is high probability of being affected with damp even the goods with the outer packing, especially in the rainy season, after all, the outer packing is not very tight, moisture into the package is so easy, this time as long as the use of dehumidifier, can ensure the logistics goods will not be affected with damp.

In the property industry, it is mainly used in various basements, underground shopping malls and underground parking lots. Confined space, poor ventilation, unfresh air, insufficient light is the common faults of these underground buildings, also the humid air, though make a good moisture-proof measures in the rainy season, it is easy to get damp too. Using dehumidifier can reduce the air humidity of basement, underground shopping mall, underground parking lot, to ensure that the basement will not be wet, can satisfy people's requirements for air humidity.