Hydrogen peroxide sterilizer, ultra-low capacity disinfection and sterilization fast

Hydrogen peroxide sterilizer is known for its ultra-low capacity disinfection and sterilization fast technology. Scientific and reasonable disinfection is one of the important means to cut off the spr...

Hydrogen peroxide sterilizer is known for its ultra-low capacity disinfection and sterilization fast technology. Scientific and reasonable disinfection is one of the important means to cut off the spread of viruses and control the spread of the epidemic. Disinfection can kill many pathogenic microorganisms in indoor space, air and on the surface of objects. To this end, we need to establish a normal sterilizer system to carry out the disinfection work and pay attention to the disinfection effect. The factors affecting the disinfection effect include the selection of disinfectant, dosage and concentration of the ratio, ambient temperature, indoor area, disinfection tools, and the amount of liquid medicine after the ratio. Only when we take these factors that affect the disinfection effect into account can we truly ensure the disinfection effect

The disinfection work should not be hasty, and the unscientific disinfection can not achieve the desired effect. Only by mastering professional knowledge of disinfection can we avoid mistakes in disinfection. The importance of disinfection is self-evident! Most disinfectants need a certain temperature to have the strongest effect, so try to use them at noon in good weather

Some people think that using multiple disinfection ingredients at the same time will make disinfection more widespread and thorough, but they do not know that it is often not beautiful to have neutralization reaction when acid and alkali are mixed. Even if acid and alkali disinfectants are used separately in a short time, the effect will also be affected. Disinfection is not thorough, and some most farms only focus on indoor and surface disinfection and neglect air disinfection; The disinfection system is not perfect, so a written system needs to be posted to make the system form a habit. The system should be specific to the type of disinfectant used. The disinfection procedure includes the disinfection sequence and rotation time, as well as the different ways of disinfected material tables

How should disinfection be carried out? The use of disinfectants should focus on the selection of safe, harmless, easily degradable and residue free disinfectants, so that the targeted disinfectants are suitable for the corresponding bacteria and toxins, and use the correct and correct methods, such as washing, soaking, wiping, fumigation, to achieve the best possible state. At the same time, master the disinfection sequence and disinfection time to make the disinfectant fully play its role

Hydrogen peroxide sterilizer, ultra-low capacity disinfection and sterilization fast

According to the Technical Scheme for Disinfection of Special Places issued by the National Health Commission, for indoor air pollution, "Peracetic acid, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide and other disinfectants can be selected and ultra-low volume spray method can be used for disinfection." The disinfection principle of this method is to atomize the disinfectant into 20 μ The tiny particles below m can fully contact the disinfectant with the microorganisms in the air through uniform spray, so as to kill the microorganisms in the air

The ultra-low volume spray disinfection method is to use 3% hydrogen peroxide, 500 mg/L peracetic acid and 500 mg/L chlorine dioxide chemical disinfectants at the dose of 20~30 mL/m3 to add to the aerosol spray or aerosol sterilizer, and then carry out spray disinfection. The action time of chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide is required to be 30~60 min, and that of peracetic acid is 60 min

  _ Mobile hydrogen peroxide sterilizer and XD series hydrogen peroxide atomization sterilizer have obvious advantages such as [intelligent disinfection], [large amount of spray], [fine particles], and [simple operation]. They can atomize disinfectant into 1-5 micron atomized particles, making all disinfection solutions" Gone with the Wind; In the air, 360 ° spray disinfection without dead angle can wrap more viruses and germs and kill them by oxidation

And there is no need to connect the water pipe, just put the pure water bucket (18.9L) on the liquid supply, and can move freely for spray disinfection. It is a new generation of energy-saving, efficient, clean and sanitary air disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, and dust reduction and cooling equipment. Welcome to consult the hydrogen peroxide sterilizer, ultra low capacity disinfection and sterilization fast details

  _ Atomization amount and control mode of mobile hydrogen peroxide sterilizer and XD series hydrogen peroxide atomization sterilizer:

  _ The portable portable ultra-low capacity spray is a new type of multi-purpose spray disinfection instrument. It uses a dual cyclone airflow atomizing nozzle and medicine bottles to form a spraying part, an electric centrifugal fan and a base to form a power part, and a corrugated hose to connect the spraying part with the power part. The utility model has the advantages of novel shape, simple operation, convenient carrying, good atomization performance and small particle spectrum range (ultra-low capacity). It is characterized by drug saving, quick volatilization of liquid medicine, impermeability to the surface and low corrosivity. Also has the sterilization effect not affected by humidity, high efficiency characteristics

  _ Technical indicators of portable portable ultra-low volume spray:

Note: XD series mobile hydrogen peroxide sterilizer and_ The portable portable ultra-low volume spray itself does not have the function of disinfection and sterilization. The sterilization effect depends on all disinfectants. Different disinfectants are used for different applications and different sterilization needs. The size of atomized particles is conducive to the diffusion and retention of disinfectants in space. It is this principle that can suspend the liquid disinfectant in space to achieve the purpose of disinfection of space, air and object surface

XD series mobile hydrogen peroxide sterilizer and_ Scope of application of portable portable ultra-low capacity spray: it is mainly used for indoor air and surface disinfection and sterilization by air soluble spray in medical, health and epidemic prevention departments. It is used for disinfection, sterilization and pest killing in schools, kindergartens, station docks, airports, customs epidemic prevention departments and other public places. It is applicable to disinfection and sterilization of hospital wards, outpatient departments and operating rooms at all levels; It is used for disinfection, sterilization and pest killing of hotels, hotel rooms, toilets, kitchens and restaurants at all levels

It can also be used for disinfection, sterilization, insecticidal and deodorization of passenger cars, trains, ships, aircraft and other transportation vehicles. It is used to kill insects and sterilize vegetables, flowers, greenhouses and greenhouses; Used for epidemic prevention and disinfection of chicken farms, pig farms and various animal farms; The ultra-low volume preparation liquid can be used to kill pests; Spray deodorant to eliminate indoor odor; Spray water for indoor air humidification, dust reduction, etc

To sum up, at present, the disinfection modes used for indoor space, air and surface disinfection are mainly: spray disinfection, fumigation disinfection, immersion disinfection and other three conventional modes, but the conventional disinfection mode has many inevitable shortcomings, such as poor visibility and not easy to complete disinfection; Easy to process but not easy to check; The operation is troublesome and needs good airtightness; There is a lack of professional disinfection knowledge. In terms of disinfection, there is widespread abuse, less use of disinfectants or improper disinfection methods. Disinfection fails to achieve the expected effect, and some even cause harm to everyone's health

The disinfection method of "_ mobile hydrogen peroxide sterilizer and XD series hydrogen peroxide atomizing sterilizer+high-efficiency hydrogen peroxide disinfectant" has the advantages of wide sterilization range, strong sterilization ability, short action time, less irritation, low corrosivity, no residue, etc; The disinfection and sterilization effect of hydrogen peroxide evenly sprayed aerosol nano micron dry fog is significantly higher than that of ordinary watering can or old spray spray spray, and it saves hydrogen peroxide disinfectant very much, with low disinfection cost; Atomized hydrogen peroxide technology is a high-level disinfection technology emerging in recent years, and its disinfection effect also meets the requirements of disinfection technical specifications. All the above information about hydrogen peroxide sterilizer and ultra-low capacity disinfection and sterilization fast is provided by Mashima Electric, for your reference only