June 25,2023

EPC coating drying dehumidifier, white mold drying device for casting

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EPC coating drying dehumidifier and white mold drying device technology dynamic EPC coating drying is required to ensure the quality of white mold, is an indispensable process in the whole white mold manufacturing process, and directly affects the production cost and work efficiency. The main factors affecting the drying rate of EPC coating are the ambient temperature, relative humidity, coating thickness and the speed of airflow.

The drying conditions of EPC coating have a great impact on the quality of the final product. If the coating is not dry properly, the coating will produce blistering, peeling, pinholes and other defects, and in serious cases, there will be internal stress in the coating, which will reduce the adhesion of the coating; It is difficult to ensure the stability of coating performance and obtain good quality due to cracks and loss of protection and decoration effect in use

At the same time, EPC coating drying is a frequently repeated and time-consuming process; Therefore, in modern casting production, how to accelerate coating drying is not only related to shortening production cycle and saving production area, but also a key technical problem that must be solved to achieve continuous and automatic construction

PD-45G EPC white mold paint drying room dehumidifier and PD series heating, drying and dehumidifying integrated dryer are a dryer developed for EPC white mold paint drying room, which are specially designed for EPC casting production enterprises. They have functions such as deep dehumidification, heating, etc. They can achieve constant temperature and humidity. They have built-in intelligent control systems and support multi client remote control. It can be used for energy-saving reconstruction of existing EPC white mold drying room and supporting new paint drying room

For EPC coating, the volatilization rate is little affected by the ambient temperature and humidity, and it is easy to adjust the drying rate by adjusting the fast/slow drying solvent; The EPC coating is greatly affected by the ambient temperature and humidity, and the dispersion medium is mainly water, so it is relatively difficult to adjust

Therefore, the drying rate of EPC coating should consider many factors

The drying environment is the most important influencing factor for EPC coating drying. The higher the temperature and the lower the humidity, the faster the EPC coating will dry

It is like drying clothes quickly in summer, while it often takes a long time to dry them in winter. In the same way, EPC coating will volatilize rapidly at higher temperatures, while it will dry slowly at low temperatures

The influence of humidity on the drying rate of EPC coating is self-evident. The higher the moisture content in the air, the more difficult it is for the moisture in the EPC coating to volatilize into the air. The climate in the north is dry and the humidity in the south is relatively high, so under the same temperature conditions, the drying speed of EPC coating applied in the north will be faster

Temperature and humidity are also interrelated. The higher the air temperature, the higher its capacity to contain water vapor. 1m ³ The air can absorb 9.41g of water at 10 ℃ and 30.38g at 30 ℃. Therefore, it is easier to reach the humidity limit at a lower temperature

Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of white mold and improve the work efficiency of white mold, it is of great significance to study the drying method of EPC coating, which is an important way to improve the drying efficiency, an important issue in the development of production, and has important application value