May 20,2022

How to avoid the mistakes of using the household dehumidifier?

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It seems very simple to use the dehumidifier, as long as you plug in the power, but there will be a lot of mistakes in the using process, resulting in the service life of the dehumidifier reduced, dehumidification performance is affected. So what are the mistakes? Because the refrigerant in the dehumidifier will shake during the carrying, it will affect the compressor, and the dehumidification performance will decline.

1、Turn on and use, when the new machine comes home: some people remove the outer packaging, and plug it in immediately after buying the dehumidifier, in fact, this is wrong. Therefore, it is best to wait one or two hours before using the dehumidifier, so as to ensure that the dehumidification effect will not be reduced.

2、Put the dehumidifier in the corner: some people put the dehumidifier in the corner or close to the wall, it is also wrong. The advantage of putting these two places is that they do not take up space, but the disadvantage is also obvious. The dehumidifier absorbs less air, and the hot air blown out can not find the outlet, which will reduce the performance of the dehumidifier. An open side is the best for the dehumidifier to place in, if you want to put it on the wall, it should be at least 50 centimeters apart to ensure that the performance of the dehumidifier is not affected.

3、Do not clean up the dehumidifier: do not clean up the dehumidifier after long time using is wrong, because during the using process, the filter screen will be covered in dirt, and it will become a pollution source if you do not rinse it, in that time, the bacteria will blow out, drop the indoor air quality index, seriously, caused your skin allergies and respiratory problems. Therefore, the dehumidifier needs to clean the filter screen regularly to ensure the health of your family.

4、Setting a low humidity of dehumidifier: some people in order to dry the home, set the humidity of dehumidifier below 35%, in fact, this is wrong. First of all, the human body feels the best air humidity is at 55%RH, fluctuated by 5%, when it at 35%RH, this time is too dry and the feeling is not good, skin itch and respiratory problems will be happened easily. And the humidity setting too low will cause the dehumidifier to work for a long time, not to say much power consumption, but also affect the service life of the dehumidifier, so the dehumidifier humidity is set between 55-60%RH is better, this humidity will not cause things in the home to be damp and mildew.w.