The difference between household dehumidifier and industrial dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers can bedivided into household dehumidifiers and industrial dehumidifiers according tothe dehumidification capacity. Their function is moisture-proofdehumidification and control humidity o

dehumidifiers can be divided into household dehumidifiers and industrial dehumidifiers according to the dehumidification capacity. Their function is moisture-proof dehumidification and control humidity of air. The dehumidification capacity of household dehumidifiers is generally small, 60 liters/day is large, generally 30 liters/day is the main, because it is enough to dehumidify the family living room and bedroom. Of course, some only dozens of square meters of small warehouse moisture dehumidification can also use household dehumidifier, so it can be said that the difference between household and industrial type is not big, the household dehumidifier can be used in industry, but the industrial dehumidifier must not be used at home.

Noise of household dehumidifier is relatively low, the boot will not even affect your rest, but the industrial dehumidifier is different, because the power is large, so the noise is also very loud, will make you upset and so you can not fall asleep. In addition, industrial dehumidifiers are generally larger than household dehumidifiers, in addition, industrial dehumidifiers are generally larger than household dehumidifiers, and industrial dehumidifiers are generally used in workshops or warehouses. The dehumidifier area is relatively large, which determines that it should have stronger dehumidification force and greater dehumidification capacity, so it requires higher power and more electricity consumption.

The difference between household dehumidifier and industrial dehumidifier

Household dehumidifiers are small, delicate, and have many colors, which can be matched with interior decoration so that they can meet the market demand, so the appearance of household dehumidifiers is relatively high. But industrial dehumidifier is different, most use in the workshop, warehouse, or underground garage, so the weight of appearance also is not too high, appearance is a sheet metal pieces, not household type usually use plastic. Now, though the appearance of industrial dehumidifier has changed, good-looking than before, but there is no way compared to household dehumidifier.

Different functions, industrial dehumidifiers mainly in order to reduce the air humidity of the production environment and warehouse, to create a production environment in line with the production standards, the purpose is to produce more high-quality products, so the function is basically only dehumidification. And the home dehumidifier, in order to create a more comfortable home environment, the purpose is for people's health, not only have dehumidification function, but also dry clothes function, now many dehumidifiers and add the function of air purification, so that your home environment becomes better.

Industrial dehumidifier on drainage through pipe drainage, but home dehumidifier is using water tank, because of relatively large capacity dehumidification of industrial dehumidifier, the condensed water will be so much, if you use the water tank, you will pour away the water frequently. Do not say the labor costs increase, it also reduces the dehumidification efficiency, not so as the water directly through the catheter to export to. And the industrial dehumidifier does not configure water tank, to a certain extent to meet the same volume under the installation of larger compressor and fan, can meet the greater dehumidification needs.

Industrial dehumidifier requires higher on safety, home dehumidifier only requires a 3 c authentication, but industrial dehumidifier if is used for inflammable and explosive occasion, also need to be equipped with explosion-proof device, because normally, the dehumidifier will appear in the process of using an electric spark the flammable and explosive substances, such as fireworks warehouse, fuel storage services, chemical warehouse, etc. Dehumidifiers in these places must be installed with explosion-proof devices, otherwise it will cause huge hidden dangers in production safety.