October 26,2022

Appreciation of Root System of Aerosol Cultivated Plants

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Ultrasonic aerosol culture is to use the ultrasonic generator to carry out acoustic oscillation on the nutrient solution, so that the nutrient solution can be atomized into a very fine fog, which permeates the entire root space of the plant, so that the plant can obtain mineral nutrients and absorb more oxygen aerosol from the air. Therefore, the root growth is particularly developed, and the plant growth is very fast, much faster than the growth rate of hydroponic plants. It is a practical technical measure for the future urban agricultural development


Aeroponic culture is a new cultivation method. It is a new agricultural high technology that plants are cultivated without soil or substrate. Because the soil environment is replaced by the artificially created crop root environment, it can effectively solve the contradiction of water, air and nutrient supply that is difficult to solve in traditional soil cultivation, so that the crop root system is in the most appropriate environmental conditions, so as to give play to the growth potential of the crop, so that the plant growth The biomass has been greatly improved.

Aerosol culture can be widely used in crowded cities, rooftop balconies or areas with scarce land. With its inherent advantages of fertilizer saving, water saving, labor saving, high yield, excellent quality, cleanliness and speed, it has become an important part of protected horticulture and the main form of factory production of horticultural crops. At present, the aerosol cultivation technology is gradually mature and developed, the scope of application is expanding, the level of operation and technical management has been greatly improved, and the intensive and factory production has been gradually realized.

The temperature of traditional crop cultivation can be effectively warmed in winter facility environment, but the root environment cannot be warmed, which also limits the development of off-season crop cultivation. But; Aerosol cultivation method is exactly the same. In summer, the root environment can be artificially cooled, and in winter, it can be artificially warmed, so that the harmonious growth of roots and leaf veins can always be maintained. If computer management is used, the water content and humidity of roots can also be adjusted according to the transpiration law of plants, which can more effectively promote the growth of crop potential. It is also a good project for sightseeing agriculture.