June 24,2023

Golden silk chrysanthemum drying dehumidifier, chrysanthemum drying equipment and technology

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Golden silk chrysanthemum drying dehumidifier, chrysanthemum drying equipment and process news information under the east fence of chrysanthemum, leisurely see Nanshan; It is the season of chrysanthemum harvesting again. The chrysanthemum growers are preparing for the production of chrysanthemum. Many people making chrysanthemum tea are comparing and choosing drying equipment. Chrysanthemum tea is a kind of flower tea made from chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum tea is made through flower picking, drying in the shade, drying in the sun, steaming and drying, baking and other processes. Now, a kind of environment-friendly, energy-saving, safe and reliable drying equipment integrating drying and dehumidification is popular for baking chrysanthemum tea

Nowadays, with the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life. Therefore, chrysanthemums for tea with multiple health functions are more and more popular. The higher the drying temperature is, the better the chrysanthemum is. If the temperature is too high, the nutrient elements will be lost. The key to drying technology is to master the temperature and uniformity; At present, the drying of chrysanthemum can be roughly divided into the following two types:

II. Equipment drying, traditional coal and firewood drying, temperature and humidity are not easy to control, which is easy to cause excessive drying of petals, petals falling off, the quality of dried chrysanthemums can not meet the requirements, and need to be manned, there are certain potential safety hazards and health and environmental protection problems. However, if electric dryers are used, ordinary heat pump dryers and pure electric dryers will consume more energy and have uneven equipment quality

To this end, many customers are now asking: What equipment is good for drying chrysanthemums? You can find the drying equipment that is suitable for you through friends around you. If you don't have friends around you to recommend it, you will be a big head. No one wants to be a white mouse to use the new drying equipment. When it is difficult to choose, the electrical appliance can provide customers with a mature technology and stable operation_ G golden silk chrysanthemum drying dehumidifier and PD series heating, drying and dehumidifying integrated machine have many chrysanthemum drying cases, which can eliminate customers' doubts and let customers get familiar with the equipment in the experience, so as to buy the machine

  _ The chrysanthemums dried by G golden chrysanthemum drying dehumidifier and PD series heating, drying and dehumidifying integrated machine include golden chrysanthemums, wild chrysanthemums, fetal chrysanthemums, small chrysanthemums, tribute chrysanthemums, yellow chrysanthemums, white chrysanthemums, etc. The water content of fresh chrysanthemum is high, reaching more than 80%, and the tissue is relatively old, so it is not easy to lose water, and the requirements for the color, fragrance, shape and taste of dry chrysanthemum are very high. Therefore, in order to maintain the original color, taste and sample after drying, it is generally required to dry after ripening

I: start drying, do not discharge moisture in the heating stage, and the time is about 1h

II: Set the temperature to 40 ° C, start dehumidification, and remove the humidity to 45% RH

III: slowly raise the temperature to 45 ° C, and control the humidity at about 35% RH

IV: The temperature slowly continues to rise to 48 ° C, and the target humidity is lowered to 20% RH

V: Finally, the temperature can be appropriately lowered, and the target humidity can be lowered to 20% RH

For the demand of energy-saving dehumidification and drying in drying rooms and drying rooms, electrical appliances are developed and produced_ G golden chrysanthemum drying dehumidifier and PD series heating, heating, drying and dehumidifying integrated machine can not only quickly remove the moisture in the drying room, effectively control the humidity in the drying room during the whole drying process, but also can select the corresponding power of electric heating to assist the temperature rise, thus greatly speeding up the drying speed, effectively improving the utilization rate of the drying room and the drying quality! You can inquire about the details of golden chrysanthemum drying dehumidifier, chrysanthemum drying equipment and technology

  _ Technical parameters of G golden chrysanthemum drying dehumidifier and PD series heating heating drying dehumidifier:

Model selection of integrated dryer and dehumidifier: select the appropriate model according to the overall humidity load of the actual drying room, specifically, calculate the cooling capacity, dehumidification capacity per unit time and other key data according to its area, floor height, evaporation capacity of drying water, initial humidity value, target humidity value, indoor sealing effect, moisture dissipation source, fresh air supply and other comprehensive factors to correctly select the required model. If you want to know more about the golden chrysanthemum drying dehumidifier, the detailed information of chrysanthemum drying equipment and process can be found in: Hangzhou Zhengdao Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd, Each drying room is equipped with one 10P_ Type G golden chrysanthemum drying dehumidifier

The golden yellow chrysanthemum is put into the drying room for drying after high temperature bleaching. It is dried at medium temperature, and then dried at a constant temperature after gradually heating up. Each drying room dries 1000kg of Hangzhou white chrysanthemum after bleaching for a single time. Each drying room consumes about 9kW per hour, and the total power consumption is 9kW * 17h=122 yuan (0.8 yuan/kWh). The cost of drying 1kg of wet material is only 0.122 yuan

To sum up, there are many traditional chrysanthemum drying equipment, most of which are high energy consumption and high pollution raw materials such as coal burning and fuel oil burning. There are also some electric heating equipment. How to choose an energy-saving, environment-friendly and easy-to-use dryer is the focus of each user. The coal burning and fuel burning equipment heats up quickly, but the temperature control is unstable and the pollution is serious. It has been faced with the situation of transformation. The electric heating equipment is environmentally friendly, but it consumes a lot of energy, and users cannot afford to use electricity

During the drying process of fresh chrysanthemums, the requirements of temperature and humidity are relatively strict, so it is also necessary to achieve constant temperature and humidity, otherwise the chrysanthemums will be baked out, and the losses will be large; By comparing various devices_ G golden silk chrysanthemum drying and dehumidifying machine and PD series heating, drying and dehumidifying integrated machine are popular and advanced chrysanthemum drying equipment at present, which is more in line with the current large-scale and automated chrysanthemum production needs! All the above news about the golden chrysanthemum drying dehumidifier, chrysanthemum drying equipment and technology are provided by Mashima Electric, for your reference only