June 21,2023

Deodorization equipment of garbage station, and deodorization system of CC-24 garbage transfer station

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It is known that there are still many waste transfer stations with outdated equipment and insufficient equipment and facilities. The operation and efficiency of the station is not high, which can only basically meet the requirements of various garbage collection and transfer in the town. Moreover, the station is not tightly sealed, which is easy to produce and emit odor gas, and there are many flies and mosquitoes, especially in hot summer weather, Odor emission affects the work and life of environmental sanitation workers and surrounding neighborhoods

In addition, with the acceleration of urbanization and the improvement of people's living standards, the output of domestic waste is also increasing. The garbage compression and transfer stations around the country play an important role in the centralized garbage, garbage treatment and garbage transfer. Previously, the sanitation department used a variety of deodorization methods for the garbage compression station, such as regular flushing, spraying disinfectant, and timely transportation, but the effect was poor

Recently, we learned that a new set of intelligent spray deodorization system - CC-24 garbage transfer station deodorizer and CC series intelligent ultrasonic spray deodorizer have been added in many garbage compression transfer stations. According to the relevant person in charge of the environmental sanitation station, this intelligent deodorization device uses the intelligent spray deodorization system and the deodorization technology of compound microbial deodorant, and the deodorization effect is remarkable

A few days ago, when we arrived at these waste compression transfer stations, the sanitation workers were working hard, pulling a truck load of garbage to the transfer stations for compression treatment. As long as the sanitation personnel set the time for spray and replenish deodorant in time, they can just turn on the switch every day. It will spray once every 7-8 minutes, and the odor of the whole waste transfer station will be immediately reduced

It is understood that after these waste transfer stations installed the intelligent spray deodorization equipment - CC-24 waste transfer station deodorizer and CC series intelligent ultrasonic spray deodorizer, they also compared the detection data before and after installation of the waste transfer station compression station, and the data showed that the odor concentration decreased from the original 7244 to 316 (unit: dimensionless); The ammonia concentration decreased from 36.3 to 1.01 (unit: PPM); The concentration of hydrogen sulfide decreased from 1.8 to 0.05 (unit: PPM)

It can be seen that after the introduction of the intelligent spray deodorization equipment, the odor of the garbage compression station can be effectively eliminated, thus ensuring a good working environment for sanitation workers and a good living environment for surrounding residents