August 12,2023

Restaurants require a dry and hygienic dining environment

Industry  Dehumidifier_CF 6.8 Restaurants need to retain customers and increase turnover. Delicious food is not only important, but also closely related to the dining environment of the restaurant. At present, most restaurants tend to experience moisture regain on the ground during humid weather, making it particularly prone to slipping; When encountering cloudy and rainy days, mixed with rainwater, this humid situation becomes even more severe. Some restaurants may have air conditioning turned on, but the space is relatively closed. Eating in such an environment often makes people uncomfortable. If you are in a hot pot restaurant, the "hot air" of hot pot will also exacerbate the humidity of the air, while also carrying a complex flavor. Data shows that when the relative humidity of the environment is between 50% and 60%, the human body feels the most comfortable In addition, many hotel restaurants, due to land conservation considerations, have shorter food transfer channels between the kitchen and restaurant, and the kitchen exhaust function of the restaurant is not strong, which indirectly increases the humidity of the lobby air

People prioritize food, and a healthy and hygienic diet is also important. Not to mention that dining in a humid environment is uncomfortable, but hygiene and health issues are real. Modern medicine also confirms that excessive humidity in the air is conducive to the reproduction and transmission of some microorganisms. When the air humidity is above 65%, microorganisms reproduce and breed the fastest