Farm air deodorizer, farm spray deodorization equipment

It is well known that the news of the air deodorizer and spray deodorization equipment in the farm, whether it is a pig farm or a chicken farm, is dirty, messy and smelly when it comes to the farm Th...

It is well known that the news of the air deodorizer and spray deodorization equipment in the farm, whether it is a pig farm or a chicken farm, is dirty, messy and smelly when it comes to the farm; The farm usually has an unpleasant odor, which is mainly caused by the feces of pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese and other livestock and poultry. The accumulation of feces will produce harmful gases. These harmful gases, mainly composed of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and stink, not only stink, but also have a certain impact on pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese and other livestock and poultry, which will reduce their resistance, The light will affect appetite and weight gain, hinder production performance, and the heavy will cause various epidemics, even death. Moreover, the health of breeders will be endangered if they stay in this environment for a long time

Therefore, it is very necessary to carry out scientific and reasonable deodorization of the farmhouses. In the traditional deodorization method for the air treatment of the farmhouses, in summer, the farmers usually adopt the ventilation method, that is, install exhaust fans to discharge the odor, so as to reduce the odor of the farmhouses. It can not cure the symptoms but not the root causes. It is not only ineffective in deodorization, but also can cause air pollution in the surrounding environment, Thus, it was complained by nearby residents! In winter, in order to keep warm, the farm usually seals the barn. At this time, the ammonia concentration in the barn will gradually increase. Even if the number of dung cleaning increases, the deodorization effect of the farm will be greatly reduced

At present, with the increasingly strict national environmental protection requirements, all farms need to pay attention to environmental health; After the baptism of environmental protection in the past two years, it is believed that farmers have a clear awareness of environmental protection and should have a certain understanding of environmental protection policies. They should all understand that the farms that fail to meet the environmental protection standards are now unable to move forward. For this reason, farmers all over the country are in urgent need of a more safe, environmentally friendly and efficient deodorization method and dehumidification equipment to solve the problem of heavy odor and bad smell that has always existed in farms and is difficult to solve

For this reason, it is suggested that professional spray deodorization equipment+natural plant liquid deodorant can be used to carry out spray deodorization during the daily deodorization of the farm, which can effectively improve the environment for a long time. Spray deodorization equipment for breeding farm_ Operating principle of the air deodorizer in the breeding farm: the natural, efficient and harmless pure plant liquid deodorant is atomized into the air of the whole enclosure space of the breeding farm through the ultrasonic atomization technology, and diffuses rapidly, bringing the deodorant to every corner, so as to achieve the purpose of deodorization. It does not rely on a very thick fragrance to cover the odor and odor, but relies on the "decomposition" of odor molecules and odor molecules to fundamentally remove odor and odor, without secondary pollution, and will also float with natural fragrance

spray deodorization equipment for breeding farms_ For the air deodorizer in the breeding farm, natural plant liquid deodorant can be injected into garbage stations, public toilets, slaughterhouses, breeding farms, etc. for spray deodorization; neutral deodorant can be injected into hotels, shopping malls, office buildings and other spaces for automatic deodorization; neutral disinfectant can be injected into various indoor environments for spray disinfection; tap water can be injected into indoor spaces for automatic humidification

◎ Efficient deodorization: atomize the concentrated liquid used for deodorization into a gas state, so that it can be fully mixed with odor molecules, so as to play an efficient role in deodorization and odor removal

◎ Sterilization and mosquito control: natural plant liquid can be sprayed regularly not only to deodorize and remove odor, but also to sterilize and kill mosquitoes and clean the air, greatly reducing the use cost and maintenance cost

◎ Cost saving: the main component of fog is water, with low cost; Add a little deodorant concentrate, and the ultrasonic atomization technology will give full play to the activity of the concentrate

◎ Ultrafine fog drops: the fog drops after ultrasonic treatment are extremely dense, so the surface activity is strong and the adsorption force is large, which makes the plant liquid have a good effect on the encapsulation reaction of odor molecules

◎ Labor saving: After adding the concentrated solution for deodorization and odor removal once, it can automatically complete spray deodorization and odor removal without taking care for half a month or one month

spray deodorization equipment for breeding farms_ The control mode of the air deodorizer in the breeding farm adopts the automatic cycle control of the digital time sequence controller. The automatic cycle control cycle is from one second to ninety-nine minutes and fifty-nine seconds. The working time and stop time can be set at will. After the setting, it can work continuously without the need for personnel; It is equipped with a self-contained water tank with a water capacity of 5.5kg. The upper end of the water tank is connected with a water inlet, and the lower end is equipped with a water drain switch, which is easy to operate and maintain! Welcome to consult the detailed information of the air deodorizer and spray deodorizer of the farm!  

Farm air deodorizer, farm spray deodorization equipment

Spray deodorization equipment for breeding farm_ Control mode and technical parameters of the air deodorizer in the breeding farm:

spray deodorization equipment for breeding farms_ The air deodorization box body of the farm is made of stainless steel, and the surface is sprayed with plastic, which not only ensures the beautiful appearance, but also meets the requirements of equipment anti-corrosion. The six vibrator integrated atomization component is adopted internally, and the water free protection device is equipped. The diameter of the generated fog particles is only less than 10 μ m. The particles are uniform and can be suspended in the air for a long time. According to actual needs, PVC pipes with a diameter of Ф 75mm can be connected, and the transmission distance can be about 5-8m

To sum up, has your farm been complained of its bad smell? Employees are unwilling to work well because the smell of the enclosure is too strong? What should we do if the environmental protection department comes to investigate and check the bad smell? In a word, doing a good job in deodorization and disinfection of the farm has a great effect and benefit on the breeding of pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese and other livestock and poultry. Only cleaning and flushing, installing exhaust fans, spraying chemical disinfectants, etc. can not solve the problem. Use the spray deodorization equipment of the farm_ The method of farm air deodorizer+natural plant liquid deodorant can eliminate or reduce ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases in the excrement of livestock and poultry, which can eliminate the odor to the maximum extent and minimize the impact on livestock and poultry

For this reason, the farm only needs to use the farm spray deodorization equipment_ The air deodorizer in the farm can quietly remove the peculiar smell and odor, and will not interfere with the daily feeding growth of pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese and other livestock and poultry, and also provides a good environment for their healthy growth. The peculiar smell and stench in the pens of pig, cattle, sheep, chicken, duck, goose and other livestock and poultry farms are gone, which greatly improves the working environment of the farm staff

At present, many farms in China have not installed spray deodorization equipment_ The application of deodorization technology for deodorization equipment such as air deodorizer in breeding farms is still less. However, with the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the requirements for environmental quality are constantly improving. In order to ensure the air quality around the farm area, the new, reconstructed and expanded farms in the future should adopt corresponding deodorization technology and choose appropriate deodorization equipment to reduce the pollution of odor to the atmospheric environment, protect everyone's health, and achieve harmony between man and nature, man and the environment! All the above information about the farm air deodorizer and farm spray deodorization equipment is provided by the electrical appliances for your reference