May 27,2023

Wall mounted public toilet deodorizer, intelligent ultrasonic micro mist deodorizer

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Wall mounted public restroom deodorizer and intelligent ultrasonic micro mist deodorizer technology. In the early years, public restrooms were often criticized for their small quantity and poor ventilation. The smell of the restroom mixed with smoke was not only unpleasant, but also unpleasant. When encountering public restrooms in old urban areas, people had to cover their noses and detour Therefore, it is an urgent task to do a good job in deodorizing and removing odors in public toilets or bathrooms! Knowing the necessity of deodorization, using fully automatic deodorization and purification equipment can eliminate annoying odors

  _ The wall mounted public toilet deodorizer adopts intelligent timing control, which eliminates the need for manual attendance. To achieve odorless public toilets and provide a comfortable, clean, and hygienic toilet environment for everyone

Prior to this, most public toilets used sandalwood for deodorization, which required burning and was not only short-lived, easy to extinguish, but also ineffective. Some citizens also reported sensitivity to the fragrance of sandalwood. At present, most bathrooms still use traditional methods for deodorization, which can be roughly divided into ventilation deodorization, freshener deodorization, plant deodorization, activated carbon deodorization, and other methods

Especially in summer, due to poor ventilation, when cleaning and cleaning is not done in time, the odor and odor in public toilets become even more severe. It does not fundamentally eliminate the odor and its harm to human health, making people hesitant. So we need to strengthen the configuration and management of toilet facilities and equipment in various regions

In response to this situation, the Environmental Health Department has introduced this intelligent ultrasonic micro mist deodorization device--_ The wall mounted public toilet deodorizer, combined with natural plant deodorant aromatics, is designed to automatically release fragrance every five minutes through ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation atomization, effectively improving the air quality of public toilets