June 21,2023

Explosion proof dehumidifier, explosion-proof dehumidifier, safe dehumidifier

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Explosion proof dehumidifiers, explosion-proof dehumidifiers, and safe dehumidifiers NEW: As we all know, with the rapid development of domestic petroleum, chemical and mineral industries, dehumidifiers are used more and more widely in production, storage, and rescue. How to prevent the occurrence of dehumidifier safety accidents in flammable and explosive gas hazardous areas has become a very important topic. As ordinary dehumidifiers inevitably produce electric sparks or form hot surfaces when working, once they encounter flammable and explosive gas mixtures at production or rescue sites, they will lead to safety accidents, directly endangering national property and the lives of citizens

Therefore, explosion-proof dehumidifiers should be selected for petroleum, chemical and mineral industries; In addition, different types of explosion-proof dehumidifiers should be selected for different hazardous environments, and different explosion-proof measures should be taken. In short, the explosion-proof dehumidifier has certain dehumidification and humidity control functions, as well as certain explosion-proof functions. It is generally used in dangerous places where combustible gas and dust exist, and is applicable to all kinds of military, oil fields, mines, chemicals and factories Product introduction Generally, the shell of explosion-proof dehumidifier should have strong corrosion resistance and good sealing, and the surface should be treated with high-voltage electrostatic spraying; Its main types are civil explosion-proof dehumidifiers, industrial explosion-proof dehumidifiers, hoisting explosion-proof dehumidifiers, etc. With the development of the times, there are more and more types and functions of explosion-proof dehumidifiers, and the dehumidification and humidity control performance is also getting higher and higher

When choosing an explosion-proof dehumidifier, you should generally choose an influential product brand for your own safety. When you buy, you need to see the explosion-proof standard, and the explosion-proof sign is usually EX sign

Before purchasing an explosion-proof dehumidifier, you should make relevant preparations and be aware when purchasing an explosion-proof dehumidifier. Manufacturer of explosion-proof dehumidifier -- electric appliance teaches you how to buy explosion-proof dehumidifier:

civil explosion-proof dehumidifier

BCF_ BCFPD and BCFPD series civil explosion-proof dehumidifiers are processed by special explosion-proof technology and can be widely used in dangerous places where Class IIA, IIB, T1 ~ T4 combustible gases, steam and air are mixed in national defense, scientific research, petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, processing and manufacturing, biology, etc., which are prone to explosion. The executive standards of this series of products are as follows:

◎ GB3836.1-2010 Explosive Environment Part 1: General Requirements for Equipment

◎ GB3836.2-2010 Explosive Atmospheres Part 2: Equipment protected by flameproof enclosure "d"

◎ GB3836.4-2010 Explosive Atmospheres Part 4: Equipment Protected by Intrinsically Safe "i"

◎ GB3836.9-2006 Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Atmospheres Part 9: Encapsulated "m"

◎ GB3836.15-2000 Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Atmospheres Part 15: Electrical Installations in Hazardous Locations (Except Coal Mines) Product application: civil explosion-proof dehumidifier Product application: civil explosion-proof dehumidifier Industrial explosion-proof dehumidifier

BCF_ And BCFPD series industrial explosion-proof dehumidifier explosion-proof treatment, what are the main places? In summary, there are three items:

1. Explosion proof dehumidifier process manufacturing. The main system of the dehumidifier is the refrigeration cycle system. The conversion pipeline of each refrigeration system must be welded with red copper. If there are purchased components, they must also meet the requirements of the corresponding explosion-proof grade before they can be used for component assembly

2. The main external air circulation system of the explosion-proof dehumidifier mainly includes the fan, and the motor in the fan must also meet the requirements of the corresponding explosion-proof grade. Fan motor shall comply with GB3836.2-8.3 and GB3836.9-90

3. Various connecting wires and power lines of the explosion-proof dehumidifier must conform to the flame retardant standard; The circuit connector in the explosion-proof junction box and the connector of intrinsically safe circuit must be welded and the safety terminal cap must be used

4. The metal shell and frame of the explosion-proof dehumidifier must be provided with safety grounding protection measures. If the cable or data line has a shielding layer, it must be grounded separately Product application: industrial explosion-proof dehumidifier Product application: industrial explosion-proof dehumidifier hoisting explosion-proof dehumidifier

BCF_ D and BCFPD series hoisting explosion-proof dehumidifiers adopt new evaporator and easy disassembly structure design, which not only improves the dehumidification efficiency of the unit, makes the distribution of air flow uniform, but also enables the unit to truly realize the advantages of light weight, small volume and ultra-thin body under the condition of ensuring capacity and efficiency. This series of products has a wide range of dehumidification, strong wind, stable air outlet, low noise and accurate control. Welcome to consult the details of explosion-proof ceiling dehumidifier

  BCF_ D and BCFPD series explosion-proof hoisting dehumidifiers are manufactured in strict accordance with the national standard of explosion-proof electrical, and the protection grade of explosion-proof components reaches above IP54; High quality materials with good mechanical strength can withstand strong explosion pressure without transmitting explosion; The main standard parts are explosion-proof, with excellent explosion-proof capacity; The production standard of this series of explosion-proof dehumidifiers: Whether the product performance matches the installation site (this is very important, for example, the connection with the positive pressure system must be sealed)

Different explosion-proof dehumidifiers are suitable for different environments. Pay attention to the temperature of the environment when using indoors, and pay attention to the influence of ultraviolet ray, rain and strong wind when using outdoors; Bad environment should also be considered. Such as corrosive or toxic environment, high temperature and high pressure environment

Of course, no matter how good the explosion-proof dehumidifier products are, they should be well maintained; Therefore, the after-sales of explosion-proof dehumidifier is crucial; The simpler the structure of explosion-proof electrical equipment is, the better the management is, the shorter the maintenance time is, the better the spare parts are, and the lower the cost is, the better

As the saying goes, one price, one product; Therefore, the electric appliance here reminds you to consider the life, maintenance and reliability of the explosion-proof dehumidifier while looking at the price. All the above contents about explosion-proof dehumidifiers, explosion-proof dehumidifiers and safe dehumidifiers are provided by Zhengdao Electric Co., Ltd., mainly introducing the types, principles and purchasing knowledge of explosion-proof dehumidifiers, hoping to help you