March 16,2023

Dehumidifier for construction of building decoration works, which can dry quickly without delay

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It is well known that the dehumidifier used for construction of building decoration works can dry quickly without delay. In the rainy season, it may rain almost every day. Although the temperature drop is not obvious, at least you can feel a little cool brought by the rain. Affected by the high temperature weather, the indoor building decoration construction is also facing severe challenges. The project delivery is imminent, and the workers have to hurry up under the high temperature and humidity

The moisture-proof and dehumidification during the construction of building decoration is also crucial to the project progress. Building moisture-proof has an important impact on the indoor environment of buildings. In order to improve the moistureproof effect of buildings, the construction personnel shall take measures such as active moistureproof, passive moistureproof, ground moistureproof and underground moistureproof treatment according to the specific situation, to avoid damp buildings, back damp walls, corrosion of pipelines, etc

It is understood that most decoration engineering companies often have a humid environment due to continuous rainy weather during the plum rain season, resulting in project delay and failure to complete on schedule, which leads to contract disputes with the owner. How to complete the construction progress with quality and quantity guaranteed and deliver on schedule in rainy and humid plum rain season without affecting the project quality

First of all, construction cannot be carried out in rainy days, especially for low rise buildings such as basements, underground garages, etc. The humid air is in the rising period in the plum rain season at the turn of spring and summer, and the buildings below 10 meters (about three stories high) are seriously affected by moisture. If no measures are taken, the construction will be carried out, and the consequences can be imagined. It is suggested that the larger decoration engineering companies allocate three or five engineering dehumidifiers for rotation, which will not affect the construction period and ensure the construction quality

Generally speaking, most of the houses waiting to be renovated are new houses, which have not been occupied and handed over by developers for a short time. Even some houses have not gone through a dog's day, and the water content in the walls is very serious. At this time, dehumidifiers matching the space size should be placed in advance for moisture removal before painting the wall or ground. Construction can only be started when the dryness of the interior wall and the dryness of the wall or the ground have the best adhesion with the epoxy floor paint

At present, dehumidifiers are generally considered to be the most effective indoor dehumidification method. The selection of dehumidifier equipment and the number of equipment to be configured depend on the degree of dehumidification, whether there is no trace on the ground or the humidity is lower than what

Dongxu Mansion of Country Garden is a real estate construction project of Country Garden Group located in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou. Now the project is approaching the delivery period, and the construction of building decoration is affected by humidity. In order to ensure that the project is delivered to the owner on time, (ZEDO) industrial dehumidifier is selected to dehumidify and moistureproof, so as to speed up the construction progress. At the same time, after the delivery of the project, the purchased industrial dehumidifier equipment can continue to serve the owners for a long time and always create a dry and comfortable underground garage environment

In addition, the industrial dehumidifiers (ZEDO) can be seen in the projects developed by Biguiyuan Longyue, Yuanyang Lujin Shanghe Chenzhang, and many well-known real estate developers, such as Biguiyuan, Greentown, Vanke, Evergrande, and Longhu. All the above information about dehumidifiers used in construction of building decoration works, which can be dried quickly without delay, is provided by Mashima Electric, for your reference only