July 09,2023


Household Dehumidifier_161 Series

Household dehumidifier, Small body and big intelligence APP intelligent control

It rains a little bit more these days. Many people's homes are always wet.

People also feel uncomfortable, and the clothes in the air can't be dried completely. They are worried about changing their underwear...

How to keep damp in wet days? Today, I will talk about the techniques of moisture-proof and prepare for the war in advance

To put it simply, it is the feeling of being wet and clammy. It is like being in a water curtain hole or a bathhouse at home

When encountering indoor humidity problems at home, it is recommended to use_ Home dehumidifier as a possible solution

For the southern region, the temperature began to be generally stable and humid in March,

The southward day is the phenomenon of the weather returning to the tide. The warm and humid air stream meets the cold air, and the humidity in the air tends to be saturated. The air is very humid immediately after the plum rain season

When the humidity returns to the south, the enterprise's production and storage are affected by damp and mildew. The humidity of the air environment is related to product quality,

Once the factory or enterprise products are affected with damp in the production and storage process, the economic losses caused are incalculable

Recommended_ industrial dehumidifiers as a possible solution

Household dehumidifiers can effectively reduce indoor humidity, but dehumidifiers are expensive appliances.

Generally, the retail price of imported brands or joint venture brands is more than 3000 yuan, while that of domestic brands is more than 1500 yuan

Household dehumidifiers are highly seasonal products. If you do not want to buy dehumidifiers, you can use air conditioners to dehumidify.

The dehumidification effect can be achieved, but the dehumidification effect of the air conditioner is not as significant as that of the dehumidifier