Advantages of frozen cured meat dryer

Time flies so fast, its August Mid Autumn Festival in a blink of an eye. In 2017, its already two-thirds of the time, and in just over four months, its 2018. As we approach the end of 2017, a delic...
Time flies so fast, it's August Mid Autumn Festival in a blink of an eye. In 2017, it's already two-thirds of the time, and in just over four months, it's 2018. As we approach the end of 2017, a delicious dish is about to start being made. Otherwise, we won't be able to meet the huge market for the New Year, which is all kinds of cured meat. What kind of preserved chicken, preserved duck, preserved meat, and my favorite sausage, especially spicy ones, don't be too delicious

Cured meat was originally made in the twelfth lunar month, but now it is a market economy where purchases are made in the market. If it is made by individuals or families, it can still be seen in rural areas, while it is rare in urban areas. The production of cured meat is actually very simple, which is named after the salt soaked, air dried or smoked meat in winter

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The current industrial production of cured meat uses drying methods in the drying process.

Advantages of frozen cured meat dryer

. There are two methods for drying, one is hot drying, and the other is freeze drying, both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, more and more people nowadays use the freeze-drying method to dry cured meat. Freeze drying is the process of using a freeze-drying machine to dry cured meat. It uses freeze-drying technology to continuously absorb moisture from the air to achieve the purpose of drying cured meat. The temperature and humidity are controllable, which can fully ensure the appearance of cured meat and the quality of cured meat

1. After freeze-drying, the meat is of superior quality and has a unique taste, which can better ensure that the nutrition loss of the meat is reduced. The fat part is also oily but not greasy, making you want to eat it even after eating. More importantly, the appearance of the freeze-drying meat will not appear black after hot drying, and the color is beautiful 2. The drying room is easy to clean and has a hygienic environment. Due to low temperature drying, there will be no dripping of meat or oil on the cured meat, so the drying room will be relatively clean. And the refrigerated dryer has a filter screen that can filter a certain amount of dust, so no dust will appear on the cured meat 3. Energy conservation and environmental protection. The freeze-drying machine uses electricity as its power, so there will be no smoke or ash during operation that occurs during smoking. Moreover, the temperature and humidity control system can automatically work according to the moisture content of the cured meat, which reduces power consumption and is only half of that of electric heating and drying 4. The operation is very simple. As long as the air humidity, which is the drying range, is set properly, there is no need to pay attention. This eliminates the need for dedicated personnel to monitor, saves labor and labor costs