Orange Pu Tea Drying Machine- The effect is better than traditional drying methods, and the storage time is longer

Xinhui Citrus Pucha is well-known far and wide. Many people have fallen in love with it as long as they smell its fragrance, let alone drink it. Currently, natural sun drying cannot fully meet market ...
Industry  Dehumidifier_CFT Series

Industry Dehumidifier_CFT Series

Xinhui Citrus Pucha is well-known far and wide. Many people have fallen in love with it as long as they smell its fragrance, let alone drink it. Currently, natural sun drying cannot fully meet market demand. In order to expand the market, improve the quality and yield of Citrus Pucha, and better promote the development of Citrus Pucha, a certain Citrus Pucha processing enterprise has decided to use a heat pump dryer to bake Citrus Pucha, and the dried products are clean and hygienic, The dried finished product meets the process requirements, and the effect is better than traditional drying methods, with longer storage time

The drying time of Xinhui citrus Pu tea is longer, and the drying temperature is also very high. The maximum working temperature of the heat pump is around 75 degrees Celsius. How to reasonably set up the mechanical and electrical auxiliary system for drying citrus Pu tea? Only then can the heat pump dryer achieve a drying temperature of over 90 degrees when baking Xinhui citrus Pu tea

The heat pump type citrus tea dryer is a new type of drying equipment, which has been applied in large orange peel production enterprises.

. I believe there will be more and more applications in the field of citrus tea production in the future. The production process of the heat pump type citrus tea dryer is very energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and pollution-free. The energy consumption is about one-third of that of traditional electric drying machines, and it is a new type of drying equipment being promoted by the country. The disadvantage is that the investment is slightly larger compared to electric drying machines and coal block furnaces, but it is also worth the money. Because the service life of the heat pump type citrus Pu tea is as long as 15 years, and there is no need to send people to watch the fire like an earthen stove during the baking process, greatly reducing the cost of duty

The technical advantages of the citrus tea dryer are:

1. Intelligent drying and dehumidification equipment that integrates dehumidification, drying, refrigeration, dehumidification, and ventilation 2. Belt type continuous drying, easy to use, adopts closed dehumidification and heat pump drying methods, energy-saving and emission reduction. Compared to traditional belt type hot air dryers, it saves more than 40% energy and more than 60% energy compared to microwave belt dryers 3. Suitable for various drying and dehumidification modes at temperatures below 70 ℃, with stable drying, good quality, and hygiene 4. Innovative dehumidification function, exhaust heat recovery, fresh air pre dehumidification technology, and refrigerant subcooling and overheating regeneration technology 5. The unit automatically adjusts the drying time and temperature according to the requirements of the multi temperature range drying process, and intelligently controls the temperature and humidity curve program

6. Meet the drying process requirements of large temperature difference and gradient temperature assembly lines The traditional view used to be that Xinhui tangerine peel and citrus Pu tea need to be sun dried, but in fact, during the sun drying process, they are easily disturbed by mosquitoes and flies. The eggs of these mosquitoes and flies only affect during storage, causing the tangerine peel to deteriorate, discolor, and become moldy. The Xinhui tangerine peel, which has been baked at high temperature and fixed time, ensures its medicinal properties and avoids pollution during the drying process. This production method has become increasingly recognized by people. Similarly, the heat pump type citrus tea dryer is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with high energy efficiency, mild drying, and good quality. The computer accurately controls the temperature and humidity during the drying process. Therefore, it is believed that there will be more and more applications in the citrus tea drying process

The citrus tea dryer belongs to a high-temperature heat pump dryer, which heats up through compressed air (the adjustable temperature in the drying room is 8 ℃ -75 ℃, and the adjustable humidity is 5% -95%). There is no need to burn coal, firewood, charcoal, boilers, or steam at all. Only a small amount of electrical energy is needed to drive the compressor to obtain the required high-temperature heat. The dryer is safe, hygienic, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, and has no exhaust emissions, The operating electricity cost is extremely low, and there is no need for personnel to be on duty during fully automatic operation. It is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly drying solution. The drying process is very gentle, similar to the effect of sun exposure, and the materials produced are of good quality and flavor. They are now increasingly used in fields such as agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and fishing

The citrus Pu tea dryer is a professional drying system composed of an air energy heat pump dryer, a high-temperature and high humidity convection fan, a control system, a drying room, etc. The air energy heat pump dryer absorbs heat from the air and works through the compressor to generate high-temperature and high-pressure hot air. It is evenly blown into the drying room through a convection fan, and the temperature and humidity are recorded through sensors inside. Then, the drying temperature and time are controlled. The process parameters of the citrus tea dryer are slightly adjusted, and it can also be used for Xinhui tangerine peel, oil tea seed, peony seed, pet feed, fish meal, soybean meal, lobster sauce, gastrodia elata, ginseng, wolfberry fruit, Schisandra chinensis, peony flower, Jasminum sambac, chrysanthemum, osmanthus, lotus seed, rehmannia, ginseng, prepared ground, burdock, kudzu root slice, aniseed, sophora flavescens, poria cocos, astragalus root, angelica dahurica, magnolia officinalis, eucommia ulmoides, ginseng, burdock tea, ginger slice, areca, Hemerocallis citrina, Drying treatment of traditional Chinese medicinal materials such as honeysuckle


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