Using Dehumidifier to Alleviate the Humidity Problem in Industrial Environment

There is a significant risk of water accumulation in the industrial environment, which can cause serious damage to internal structures, machinery, and inventory. In addition, excessive humidity in man...
Industry  Dehumidifier_CF 6.8

Industry Dehumidifier_CF 6.8

There is a significant risk of water accumulation in the industrial environment, which can cause serious damage to internal structures, machinery, and inventory. In addition, excessive humidity in manufacturing plants and working environments may lead to poor working conditions and low efficiency among employees After discovering that your warehouse or industrial workspace has been damaged due to moisture accumulation, you need to immediately correct this situation

Humidity and humidity issues in industrial environments

The biggest problems with humidity and humidity in industrial environments are windows, door seams, and openings where warm air can enter.

. At night, when warm air cools and surface materials (floors, ceilings, and machines) reach condensation standards, the humidity is usually worse, leading to moisture accumulation. Corrosion and corrosion of concrete floors can lead to serious safety and compliance issues, and cause property damage to the company and its employees

The industrial dehumidifier can significantly reduce the problems related to humidity, and provide supplementary airflow during the day and night when the moisture in the factory and warehouse becomes a problem

Choosing the right industrial dehumidifier

Investing in the right Dehumidifier for your production environment will become the most important choice. There are several excellent industrial Dehumidifier on the market

Before making a choice, please consider the following specific variables when selecting an industrial Dehumidifier:

use area - use area and height determine the machine you choose and how many machines you need to equip

Relative humidity - Consider how high the relative humidity is in summer and how long the ventilation openings are open - this can affect and increase relative humidity Other factors determined by customers include the ideal relative humidity of employees and inventory, the degree of building sealing, and the number of employees in the warehouse

Depending on the specific situation, both compressors and desiccant dehumidifiers can effectively eliminate humidity. For enterprises that prefer relative humidity lower than 42% or need significant dehumidification below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, it is recommended to use desiccant Dehumidifier. Standard conditions are ideal for compressor Dehumidifier

Compressor Dehumidifier

Most Dehumidifier work by drawing hot and humid air on the cooling coil filled with refrigerant. When hot air hits the cooler coil, it will collect or discharge condensate inside. Many industrial Dehumidifier have an internal pump that pumps water vertically into the collection area

It is strongly recommended to install Dehumidifier or airborne Dehumidifier with automatic humidity control function. Models with automatic humidity control or onboard dehumidifiers allow you to preset your ideal conditions - drier, normal, and humid - and allow the dehumidifier to monitor indoor humidity, only operating when needed. The compressor Dehumidifier operates well under the standard conditions that the ambient temperature is stable and the humidity conditions will not deteriorate

Desiccant Dehumidifier

The role of desiccant Dehumidifier is somewhat different from that of refrigerant counterpart, because they use adsorbent gel and desiccant wheel to capture water from the air. The adsorbent gel carefully rotates on the desiccant wheel and slowly rotates. At the same time, the gel is heated by the reactivation heat, and the water is poured into the water tank or pool. The benefits of this system include:

No frost accumulation - no frost accumulation, as these systems collect water by absorbing rather than cooling the condenser coil Low temperature operation - there is no cooling coil or moisture adsorption in the desiccant tray, and the desiccant dehumidifier is suitable for low temperature conditions

Other considerations

Maintaining a clean work environment

Keeping the warehouse or space clean is a good way to monitor moisture, machinery, and inventory.

. Carefully inspect the structure and check for any damage, which may bring additional pressure to the building. Look for moisture or water damage, and inspect pipes and windows. Wet air and moisture can easily leak into them. Finally, this will help you observe and process signs of mold and mold

View Inventory

If there is inventory on site, the product should be stored and unobstructed. Check the packaging and consider placing the product in an easily accessible or inspected location to determine if there is a possibility of moisture damage

Occasional maintenance and conversion of the product can also help alleviate any problems and eliminate them before any potential problems arise


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