March 19,2023

Dehumidifier for underground garage, cure the persistent damp disease of underground garage


dehumidifier for underground garage, radical cure for the persistent damp disease of underground garage

Humidity has always been a persistent problem of underground garages, and also a headache for real estate developers and property companies

Today (ZEDO) is going to explore and create an ecological scene of smart garage based on the problem of moisture condensation in the underground garage, starting from solving the pain point of moisture in the underground garage

What is the reason for the condensation of underground garage environment

It is mainly divided into three aspects:

1、 It is the wet load of outdoor humid and hot air

2、 Wet load of wall and floor concrete penetration

3、 Moisture load formed by surface water evaporation

When the high temperature and humidity air formed by the above moisture

Once entering the low-temperature environment

Walls/object surfaces exposed to low temperature

The pain point of dewing is formed

In addition, the rain weather is more serious, and the humidity of underground garage is less than that of underground garage

How to thoroughly solve the problem of moisture condensation in underground garages

(ZEDO) Focused on the humidity problem of underground garage, developed the [Underground Garage dehumidifier] for special building underground garage to solve the humidity problem of underground garage

  (ZEDO)_ dehumidifier for underground garage and Parkoo series intelligent moisture-proof and anti condensation dehumidifier

The whole system consists of data sensing layer, transmission layer and application layer

Real time monitoring of indoor and outdoor air temperature and humidity through the sensing layer equipment through the transmission layer

Transfer data to the application layer! Precise air regulation in underground garage

It can intelligently realize

Adopt an economical anti condensation method

Accurately prevent the condensation problem in the garage

Reduce the operation time of anti condensation unit

Reduce energy consumption, save resources, save energy and environmental protection

In addition, there is also a space free (ZEDO)_ D ceiling type underground garage dehumidifier and Parkoo series central moisture-proof and anti condensation dehumidifier

Adopt intelligent microcomputer control technology

Real time display of humidity data information of equipment and surrounding environment

Unmanned and fully automatic operation

The dehumidification effect can save 50% - 70% energy compared with the traditional scheme

Compact product design and ceiling installation

Reduce the occupation of garage space

High static pressure air supply can reach 20m

A machine can control multiple areas at the same time

Better dehumidification effect

(ZEDO) Parkoo series underground garage dehumidifier products will never let the underground garage become a "secret corner" and guard every car for the owner

All the above contents about dehumidifier in underground garage and radical cure of the persistent damp in underground garage are provided by Parkoo Electric, for your reference only