August 26,2023

Application of BAO -Jingang Industrial Dehumidifier- in Tea Making Process

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BAO "King Kong industrial dehumidifier" is also called industrial dehumidifier, industrial dehumidifier, industrial dehumidifier, moisture-proof machine, etc. Its main function is to absorb moist moisture. In the past, people often mistakenly thought that dehumidifier could only be used in damp and moldy places. However, this is only a part of the use of dehumidifier. Dehumidifier can also be used for moisture-proof and dehumidification in industrial manufacturing, tea production, food production and other industries With the improvement of people's living standards, tea production, and factory production, the air environment and product quality are becoming increasingly important. Tea Dehumidifier is also listed as an important part of the production process by many tea farmers

BAOJINGANG Industrial Dehumidifier is widely used in the green removal process of newly picked new tea and tea storage. At present, most of the tea is green removed by drying before copying. However, tea leaves are prone to red and black stems during the drying process. With the emergence of tea Dehumidifier, a small number of tea merchants have also used tea Dehumidifier to clean the tea, mainly to open the tea stall in a sealed room. The tea Dehumidifier absorbs its moisture directly until the tea moisture is absorbed, and then directly copies it, so that the tea will not have red stems and black stems in the process of cleaning, improving the quality of tea

BAO Jingang Industrial Dehumidifier is also used in tea storage. In summer, the air temperature is relatively high, and the arrival of the plum rain season and the southern return of the sky is a big problem for tea merchants. The air is humid, and the dried tea leaves easily absorb moisture, which can cause the tea leaves to regain moisture and become moldy. The way to prevent tea from moisture regain is to place a Dehumidifier of corresponding area and size in the tea storage space to damp and dehumidify the storage space, so as to make the tea storage environment dry and maintain the best air environment humidity for tea storage

dehumidification principle of BAOJINGANG industrial Dehumidifier, This cycle reduces indoor humidity, gradually achieving a dry effect in damp spaces