February 01,2023

Mobile air disinfector makes hospital air disinfection more convenient

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The mobile air disinfector makes the hospital air disinfection more convenient. The hospital is very familiar to everyone. It is a place with a large and complicated flow of people! For this reason, no matter which hospital is now, there are a lot of patients, family members and medical staff. In order to prevent mutual infection between patients and patients, patients and family members and treatment staff, it is particularly important to clean and disinfect the hospital space and air, so as to achieve a good medical environment; To this end, for many hospitals, it is very necessary to choose a machine suitable for hospital space and air disinfection

There is no doubt that the cleanliness of the treatment environment is very important for any hospital. Many diseases are caused by people being indoors for a long time, the air is not circulating, and bacteria are breeding. Then, it is necessary for the hospital to regularly purify and disinfect the indoor ambient air in the outpatient hall, inpatient ward, operating room, laboratory, disposal room and medical diagnosis room. Especially in the period of high incidence of respiratory system diseases, it can effectively reduce the transmission rate of respiratory diseases, so that everyone can see a doctor and treat with confidence in this environment. The most commonly used tool for indoor space and air disinfection is the mobile air disinfection machine, which has many advantages and is extremely popular in hospitals, personal clinics, sanatoriums, nursing homes, schools, kindergartens, etc

Generally, ultraviolet ray, spray and ozone are used to disinfect indoor space and air, but both of them are harmful to human health; So now, many people usually use spray disinfection equipment to disinfect the passage--_ Mobile air disinfectors and XD series ultrasonic spray disinfectors are used for spray disinfection: they have obvious advantages such as [intelligent disinfection], [large amount of spray], [fine fog particles], and [simple operation]. Using the ultrasonic atomization principle, the disinfection fog produced by the product can reach the micron level, and the fog droplets can cover the sterilized objects in a three-dimensional and comprehensive manner, making the disinfection of passers-by more comfortable, and 360 ° all-round disinfection without dead corners

  _ Mobile air disinfectors and XD series ultrasonic spray disinfectors do not need to be connected to the water pipe. Put the pure water bucket (18.9L) on the liquid supply, which can be used for mobile spray disinfection. It is a new generation of energy-saving, efficient, clean and sanitary air disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, and dust reduction and cooling equipment. Once launched, it was immediately popularized in many fields, and became the only choice to replace many spray disinfection types such as high-pressure spray disinfection machine, air-water mixing disinfection machine, centrifugal mobile disinfection machine, etc! Welcome to consult the details of mobile air disinfector to make hospital air disinfection more convenient

1. It is suitable for disinfection in multiple sections. For some places, it is a bit wasteful to install a specified wall mounted air disinfector, but it will cause hidden dangers if it is not disinfected. Therefore, mobile air disinfectors can solve this problem very well. Just push the mobile air disinfector here every day, and then send it to other places for disinfection after disinfection

Second, the portable air disinfector is convenient to use, easier to carry, time-saving and labor-saving. As its name implies, it is a disinfection machine that can move around according to your needs. The mobile air disinfector is easy to operate, and the general sanitation workers can skillfully use the machine. And the mobile air disinfector is extremely convenient to carry, and can be moved at any time according to your needs. It appears on all fronts of disinfection

The outpatient hall is the area with the largest population flow in the medical and health environment, where the probability of virus infection is high. As there are a large number of medical staff during working hours, they cannot spray disinfectant at any time for disinfection, so they can choose_ Mobile air disinfectors and XD series ultrasonic spray disinfectors can safely, instantly and comprehensively disinfect and purify the air in a manned environment

The space in the inpatient ward is relatively closed, and there are many patients and bed attendants. Most of the air is dirty, and the odor is serious. More importantly, the patients are weak, and their immunity is reduced, which is easy to cause postoperative infection. Therefore, the wards in the hospital can be used uniformly_ Mobile air disinfectors and XD series ultrasonic spray disinfectors provide high-quality indoor air, ensure the health and safety of patients, and remove the odor in the ward

The hygienic standard for the total number of bacterial colonies in the air in the operating room is very strict_ Mobile air disinfectors and XD series ultrasonic spray disinfectors can not only truly meet their strict standard requirements, but also implement safe, efficient and comprehensive disinfection and sterilization in the process of not affecting the normal operation, so as to prevent the wound from being infected by virus and protect the life of patients

The laboratory and disposal room will be exposed to a large number of high-risk infectious substances, such as viruses, blood, etc. Clean and safe air environment can not only ensure the health of staff, but also obtain more accurate and true test results. During the implementation, according to the air conditioning and ventilation conditions of different laboratories_ Mobile air disinfection machine and XD series ultrasonic spray disinfection machine

The space of the medical diagnosis room is mostly small, and the air circulation is not smooth. Doctors are in close contact when diagnosing patients. If patients carry infectious viruses, doctors are easily infected by viruses through droplets, blood, etc., and their health will be seriously threatened. It can be uniformly used or placed here_ Mobile air disinfection machine and XD series ultrasonic spray disinfection machine; All diagnostic rooms shall be effectively sterilized to ensure the safety of medical staff

_ Atomization amount and control mode of mobile air disinfectors and XD series ultrasonic spray disinfectors:

※ Use of personnel disinfection channel_ What are the effects of mobile air disinfectors and XD series ultrasonic spray disinfectors? It is believed that this is a problem that many consumers will care about. Here is a brief introduction:

◎ Personnel disinfection channels can quickly kill foreign viruses and bacteria carried by human bodies, and block the transmission of foreign diseases

◎ The atomization effect is good, the fog flow is crossed in many directions, the coverage is comprehensive, the adhesion is strong, the disinfection and sterilization effect is significant, and the efficiency is high

◎ The general disinfection channel can be completely diffused within 30 seconds. The disinfection time is only 5-15 seconds, which is not harmful to human health and is safer to use

◎ The disinfection scope is comprehensive and the whole body is thoroughly disinfected, which can effectively isolate the source of infection and reduce the harm caused by viruses and germs; No hidden danger of disinfection is left

To sum up:_ Mobile air disinfectors and XD series ultrasonic spray disinfectors are designed as wheeled walking structures, which can be controlled by a specially assigned person, and spray can be carried out indoors within the reach of the power supply. With appropriate different solutions, it can be used for sterilization, disinfection, air purification, and can also increase the content of negative ions in the air and other indoor air treatment work. It can be widely used in hospitals, schools, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, airports, stations, office areas and other public places for sterilization, disinfection, air purification and other operations. Adding different solutions can also be used in breeding, planting, dust reduction, electrostatic elimination and other workplaces. Users can adjust the nature and concentration of the added solution according to different application methods to meet the corresponding environmental or work requirements

Rational use in hospitals_ Mobile air disinfectors and XD series ultrasonic spray disinfectors atomize peracetic acid solution into aerosol particles for space and air disinfection, which has a broad-spectrum, efficient and rapid disinfection and sterilization effect on bacteria, fungi and viruses, and can kill 95.10% of natural bacteria in indoor environmental spaces such as outpatient halls, inpatient wards, operating rooms, laboratories, disposal rooms and medical diagnosis rooms, The killing rate of fungi can reach 84.41%, which is much higher than that of ultraviolet irradiation. It takes a short time and can be disinfected within a few minutes. It is simple to operate, convenient to move, easy to use, and does not occupy any space. It is worth promoting and widely applying. All the above information about mobile air disinfectors to make hospital air disinfection more convenient is provided by electrical appliances for your reference