August 26,2023

Application of BAO Industrial Dehumidifier in Food Industry

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With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the dietary habits and structure of Chinese residents have undergone tremendous changes. People are no longer just meeting their basic needs, but are beginning to pay attention to the nutrition, hygiene quality, processing technology, and appearance packaging of food. More and more people are pursuing taste and consumer brands. There are many food industries that have gradually shifted from traditional production models to technological production, which can effectively shorten production cycles and improve product quality. At present, many enterprises must create a suitable production environment in order to achieve uninterrupted production throughout the year, such as artificially simulating the natural outdoor environment in winter The temperature, humidity, wind speed, and wind pressure required for food air drying are all related to the type of food, curing method, packaging method, and production and storage cycle. Generally speaking, the low temperature and humidity requirements can be properly reduced under the conditions of low water content of food, dry curing, steaming, Vacuum packing, etc., but the sample test must be carried out with the help of industrial dehumidifier, and it can be confirmed as the design index only after sufficient empirical data are obtained

BAO industrial dehumidifier can effectively control the environmental humidity. The unique humidity is 1% adjustable, and the humidity setting range is 10% -98% RH, which can meet the environmental humidity requirements of various foods. BAO industrial dehumidifier is widely used in many industries such as valuables warehouse, pharmacy, food, electronics, leather, shoes, furniture, printing products, chemicals, tobacco, etc. Avoiding significant losses caused by dampness and mold on items. The product has a large applicable area and is particularly suitable for use in large workshops and warehouses