Application of Industrial Dehumidifier to Pharmaceutical Workshop

With the continuous development and changes of human society, the demand for drugs is also increasing, and the quality supervision of drugs is also becoming increasingly strict. Once problems arise du...
With the continuous development and changes of human society, the demand for drugs is also increasing, and the quality supervision of drugs is also becoming increasingly strict. Once problems arise during the drug production process, they can endanger the health and even the lives of consumers. In order to ensure the production quality of the workshop, we must strictly monitor the temperature, humidity, cleanliness, and pressure of the workshop, so that the production environment of the pharmaceutical factory must meet the strict requirements of the production process. Standard and automatically adjust environmental control parameters based on environmental conditions. In this case, the application of air humidity control systems has become an important component of the pharmaceutical industry. The use of dehumidifier effectively ensures the quality of products

Application of Industrial Dehumidifier to Pharmaceutical Workshop

The industrial dehumidifier is a mechanical device that can prevent moisture, reduce air humidity and keep the environment dry. Widely used for moisture-proof control in workshops, workshops, and warehouse environments, ensuring that the factory production environment is not damaged by moisture. Due to the humid environment, product quality is reduced, equipment is damp, oxidized and rusted, and circuits are short circuited. In response to this situation, through continuous exploration, repeated experimentation, summary, and adoption of the "Tiangong" industrial dehumidifier, environmental humidity can be reduced and controlled to maintain stable product quality and gradually improve the state

The Dehumidifier should be installed in the place where the air is flowing. Try to avoid dead corners, which may cause air flow short circuit, which will affect the dehumidification effect. The dehumidifier should be placed on a flat position to avoid vibration and noise from the Dehumidifier, and to avoid direct sunlight or close to heating appliances

1. Since the Dehumidifier is controlled by a microcomputer, the humidity sensor is a precision instrument, and the application of high attenuation gas air purifier and large dust environment will lead to instrument failure

2. When using the Dehumidifier, it must be on a solid floor to avoid noise when using the machine

3. When using the Dehumidifier, there must be a special power supply, and pay attention to the inconsistency between the power supply voltage and the machine. Do not use the same socket and other appliances 4. Do not use a dehumidifier on the heat source side to avoid increasing electrical energy 5. When using, the temperature should not exceed 38 degrees Celsius. If it is necessary to fix the workshop (high-temperature resistant Dehumidifier)

6. When moving or moving the Dehumidifier, the inclination of the machine should not exceed 45 degrees

7. Since the Dehumidifier does not have explosion-proof function, it is not used in flammable and explosive gas, dust, chemicals, biological products and other environments. If the production workshop (explosion-proof Dehumidifier) is needed

8. When using the Dehumidifier, pay attention to keeping the space not less than 50cm 9. When continuously draining, the assembly of the drainage hose must be handled correctly

10. Because the structure of the Dehumidifier is different from that of the air conditioner, the temperature of the Dehumidifier will increase slightly in a narrow room

The industrial Dehumidifier adopts a DC speed regulating compressor, which has excellent DC transmission technology. The unique reluctance DC motor and force Nd magnet are more than 20% more efficient than traditional AC and DC motors. According to different indoor needs, the high energy efficiency ratio can be maintained during full or partial load operation, saving electricity and energy

Continuously innovate, develop the most advanced technology, and use advanced top-level raw materials to produce high-quality and durable products, providing users with better dehumidification solutions. BAO Dehumidifier has the characteristics of automation, intelligence, environmental protection, energy saving, strong dehumidification, stability and reliability, etc. It improves the dehumidification of ambient air, changes the best choice of good environment and wet air quality, and meets the dehumidification requirements. Widely used domestically and internationally

Industrial Dehumidifier are widely used in power, electronics, instruments, instruments, shoes, clothing, paper making, tobacco, medicine, food, aquatic products, leather, wood products, special glass, textile, printing, chemicals, file management, banks, museums, archives, government and other departments