June 23,2023

Food material fresh-keeping purifier, food material fresh-keeping and fruit and vegetable purification in one

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The food fresh-keeping purifier integrates food fresh-keeping with fruit and vegetable purification: as we all know, fresh vegetables, fruits, fresh meat and other raw food materials will lose water constantly when stored in the natural environment, most of which will lead to serious loss of freshness and weight, thus affecting the taste, crispness and color of vegetables. The sales cost will rise, while the sales volume will decline, causing considerable economic losses; To ensure that the fresh food products can be kept in a hygienic state in the store and processing room, so as to make the products have a longer life and higher value, thus providing customers with the most fresh fresh food materials. So, how to keep the freshness of fresh food

How to generate profits from fresh food materials is nothing more than price measurement and promotion techniques. I believe that we all know this very well after doing so many years. There are articles to do from the purchase of fresh food materials to the listing. Today, let's talk about how to reduce the loss of fresh food materials as much as possible in the listing sales link, with less loss and more profits. Supermarkets and stores with conditions can concentrate fresh and dry food materials that are easy to dehydrate. According to the shelf type, BX-4 and BX-8 food material fresh-keeping purifiers can be installed, and regular cycle spray can be used to keep wet and fresh

Product introduction. A large amount of profits will be released when it is directly put on the market. Take fruit as an example. The quality of bulk cargo varies greatly. Even if most of the fruits are delivered in full containers, there are still some small problems. The noodles were directly sent to the restaurant. The customers quickly picked out the good ones. The small ones and the ones with bad looks were kept. In addition to discounts, they just threw them away. The natural loss was large

Poor freshness of fresh food products will lead to customer complaints and affect sales; Therefore, it is an important job for the staff of the Fresh Food Materials Department to do a good job of freshness inspection

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The freshness management of meat products is very important. Only good freshness management can win consumers' recognition, meet customers' needs, promote meat sales, and increase turnover. Otherwise, it will only increase losses

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Bacteria growth is one of the reasons for the decline in freshness of fresh food products. Therefore, effective inhibition of bacterial activity is the first step to maintain freshness, and the most effective way to inhibit bacterial growth is to keep fresh food products in a "low temperature" state to ensure quality

Product parameters; Shuiling;. It is suggested that qualified stores can choose vegetable fresh-keeping spray equipment -- BX-4 and BX-8 food material fresh-keeping purifiers instead of manual water spraying. This equipment will not only work automatically, but also the fog is very delicate and even. It can also set its own working conditions according to seasonal changes. It is not easy to spray local excess water like manual small spray pots, which is the standard configuration of the fresh food chain supermarket industry in recent years

In conclusion, from the traditional manual water spraying method to the current ultrasonic spray, more fresh vegetables of vegetable supermarket operators have been fresh for a longer time. Many supermarkets across the country have installed BX-4 and BX-8 food fresh-keeping and purifying machines on the vegetable shelves to conduct regular or irregular spray humidification, timely replenish the water needed for fresh vegetables, extend the fresh-keeping period, and the appearance of vegetables looks special; Shuiling

Especially in spring and autumn, the air is relatively dry, and the heating in the north stops late. The moisture in the fresh food commodities will quickly lose during the exhibition process, resulting in a double loss of weight decline and poor appearance. This machine is inexpensive, which is about 3-4K. It can completely guarantee the fresh-keeping and moisturizing effect of spray on 5-8m shelves. Generally, it can extend the upgrade period by twice, thus reducing the economic losses caused by water loss! All the above contents about the food fresh-keeping purifier, food fresh-keeping and fruit and vegetable purification are provided by Mashima Electric for your reference