Efficacy of Xinhui Pu'er tea and setting of drying machine for Pu'er tea

Influenced by the taste of citrus peel and Puer tea, Xinhui has produced citrus tea (also known as citrus tea, citrus tea and small green citrus), which can also be called Xinhui citrus Puer tea. Pe...

Influenced by the taste of citrus peel and Pu'er tea, Xinhui has produced citrus tea (also known as citrus tea, citrus tea and small green citrus), which can also be called Xinhui citrus Pu'er tea. People's wisdom has continuously developed on the basis of citrus tea, resulting in the small and simple shape of citrus. However, the brewed soup is golden, fragrant, fresh, and rich in flavor, compared to large citrus tea. For example, it does not need to split several times for brewing. Xiaoqing citrus can be brewed for a whole day. The efficacy of Xiaoqinggan Pucha: It has the functions of regulating qi, relieving qi, and relieving qi

Efficacy of Xinhui Pu'er tea and setting of drying machine for Pu'er tea

The citrus harvest period can be divided into green, yellow, and red peel stages, with yellow and red peel mature and citrus fruit immature. Although citrus is still very green, it has a high content of volatile oil and hesperidin, indicating significant heat clearing and sterilization effects. Pu'er tea has produced a batch of black horse "small green oranges" in today's tea world. However, in terms of the selection, production, drying, and storage of citrus, the "Citrus Pu tea drying machine: Its Effect is Better than Traditional Drying Methods, and Its Storage Time is Longer" high-quality citrus is very special. This article discusses the improvement of citrus quality and the temperature setting of citrus dryer

In a year, the third quarter is the best harvesting period, and the optimal time for citrus harvesting is around 55 grams. At this point, the maturity, size, nutritional composition, and aroma of citrus fruits reach their optimal state. When picking, attention should be paid to using professional tools to cut the fruit into fruit shapes, with glossy and smooth citrus fruits on the skin, and oil chambers evenly distributed on the skin, indicating a high content of volatile oil. It is best to place the picking mouth 3mm from the fruit stem to maintain the integrity of the fruit and the entire citrus without damaging the fruit tree

The cleaning steps should not be careless, and at least 5 times should be cleaned. First, use a water gun and then machine wash to remove dirt and then residue. During the entire cleaning process, any incomplete or unhealthy fruits should be immediately selected to ensure the overall quality. A batch of small citrus clean, with a rich and positive odor

When removing pulp, attention should be paid to the strength and strength of the peel, as it is prone to damage. If it is light, it may still leave the pulp, causing a bad taste. The first step is to open a small circular cap around the green citrus stem, and then use skilled workers to remove the flesh from the cap. Previously, manual spoons were used to dig, but now there are specialized tools available, which greatly improves efficiency

When the peel is separated from the flesh, the small orange has its embryonic form, like a green "little cup". Secondly, clean the peel again. Firstly, clean the impurities in the "small tea cup", and secondly, clean it thoroughly to ensure quality. After drying with a gentle breeze, the tea leaves can be installed. There is a mystery here. Let's guess what the use is of drilling a hole at the bottom

The peel contains an appropriate amount of Pu'er tea. The taste, year, origin, and quality of our factory are all very exquisite. It's inconvenient to talk about it. When it comes to tea, it's not too much installed and too little. The weight bearing of deformed citrus can make the Stratum corneum sink, affecting the beauty and even the taste. Every step has been carefully studied. This process is the same as the "brewing" process of Hakka cuisine

The drying techniques for small citrus tea can be divided into two types: full drying and semi drying. Half sun is a combination of sun drying and warm drying. The entire drying process is dried using a small green citrus dryer. The purpose of this process is to better maintain the original flavor of citrus peel and the flavor of volatile oil during the low-temperature drying process, so that the aroma of citrus and Pu'er tea is unique and the taste is smoother. (And it is a citrus that is naturally exposed to sunlight, with small and large batches of skin that is not easy to dry, far less than half baked or fully baked. Low temperature baking is effective, otherwise it is easy to mold.)

2) The next step is to slow down the temperature and increase it by 5 degrees on top of the original. The dehumidification speed is slow, and the amplitude decreases by 5%. This dry state will last for 3 hours. At this stage, you can smell the aroma of the small green citrus peel in advance

3) At this stage, we can increase the temperature to allow for a large amount of wetting. Above 50 ℃, the temperature rises by 10 ℃, the humidity is controlled at 30%, and the drying time is 4 hours. According to a professional citrus master, this process is even more crucial. The intoxicating and familiar fruit peel and Pu'er aroma are at this stage. It began to emanate

4) Finally, increase the temperature by 5 degrees Celsius, or 65 ℃, and control the humidity to 15% until dry. For safety and energy conservation, the citrus dryer will automatically stop after reaching temperature and humidity

After drying, the whole citrus is about 12g, of which the weight ratio of Pu'er tea and peel is 3:1, so that the taste of citrus and tea can reach the best taste. When the volatile oil content of citrus is high, a thin layer of white frost will appear on the citrus peel, but the quality effect of citrus is significant. Better representativeness. In addition, the packaging of Xiaoqing citrus should also be completed with originality and ingenuity. The independent packaging is beautiful and generous, making it convenient for tea enthusiasts to open

Xiaoqing citrus can be brewed whole, and the whole tea has been brewed for a long time. Each type of tea flavor slowly seeps out, and the flavors of orange peel and Pu'er blend with each other. It can also be broken down into small pieces, so the taste of Pu'er is first released, and the taste of citrus peel is released