May 22,2023

What are the methods for dehumidifying a computer room- Data center machine room dehumidifier

What are the methods for dehumidifying a computer room? For most internet technology companies, the importance of data center room dehumidifier technology is self-evident

Computer equipment, server equipment, network equipment, storage equipment, etc. are all core equipment in the data center computer room. The environmental factors required for the operation of these devices, such as power supply systems, air conditioning systems, fire protection systems, computer rooms, and monitoring systems, are important physical infrastructure for data center computer rooms

GB50174-2017 "Code for Design of Data Centers" requires that the temperature, dew point humidity, and relative humidity in the host room and auxiliary area should meet the requirements for the use of electronic information equipment. This standard specifies specific requirements for the temperature, dew point temperature, and relative humidity of the data center host room. The change in humidity in the new standard is to use dew point temperature as the requirement for humidity in the main room, and use relative humidity as an auxiliary requirement for humidity

In the entire data center system, small water droplets floating in the air can enter the smallest area and space of any component. If this situation persists, the material may deform, cause permanent damage, and incur high maintenance costs for data center operators

"For many people, the direct response to rising humidity is to use desiccants to eliminate problems. However, desiccants do not always remove moisture from the atmosphere, which can actually cause long-term damage and affect the lifespan of data centers.

By using_ The dehumidifier in the data center computer room and the ZD series intelligent humidity control dehumidifier can achieve scientific and effective dehumidification. Fully computerized humidity control, efficient dehumidification, optimization and upgrading, precise humidity management, providing protection for the data center

According to the new standard GB50174-2017, the recommended temperature for the main room is 18 ° C-27C, with a maximum value of 27C and a recommended humidity range of 5.5C-15 ° C for the dew point. At the same time, the relative humidity should not exceed 60% RH, and the minimum value for humidity should be taken. The dew point temperature should be 5.5 ℃, which is converted into relative humidity. The recommended relative humidity range for the main room is: 26% -60% RH. Compared to the humidity range of 40% RH-55% RH in GB50174-2008, the relaxation of the humidity range will greatly reduce the energy consumption required for humidification and dehumidification in data centers

If the humidity allowed in the host room according to the new standard GB50174-2017 is 20% -80% RH relative humidity, and the dew point temperature is not greater than 17C, the allowed humidity range is wider, and the wider humidity range will greatly reduce the energy consumption required for humidification and dehumidification in the data center

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