Choose a good dehumidifier to keep moisture out

Choose a good dehumidifier and keep the humidity out. As we all know, there are many rainy days in the south all the year round, and humidity is unavoidable! After the beginning of spring every year, ...

Choose a good dehumidifier and keep the humidity out. As we all know, there are many rainy days in the south all the year round, and humidity is unavoidable! After the beginning of spring every year, the spring rain, the Qingming rain, the plum rain, and the summer rain... always keep on falling; The weather is wet, we are wet, the wall is wet, the bed is wet, and the surface is wet. It is wet everywhere indoors and outdoors; However, as long as you choose a good dehumidifier, you can keep the humidity out of the door, so that you can always keep a dry and comfortable space indoors

For this reason, there are many families, factories and enterprises that need dehumidifiers in China, and there are also many dehumidifier manufacturers engaged in this industry. However, not every dehumidifier manufacturer has the corresponding production capacity. Most of them buy dehumidifiers at a low price and sell them to users at a high price to earn the middle price difference. However, such dealers do not have guarantee in terms of after-sales service, which is likely to cause losses to users in future use. Therefore, users who want to select high-quality dehumidifier manufacturers should do more work in this area

First, when selecting dehumidifiers, you can find several dehumidifier manufacturers with a certain reputation in the industry, then compare the performance, quality, price, R&D capability, after-sales service of dehumidifier manufacturers and other factors of dehumidifier equipment, and then select a dehumidifier manufacturer that is more suitable for you, so as to avoid purchasing unreliable dehumidifier equipment to the greatest extent

1. Product quality of dehumidifier manufacturers: This is the most important factor in the selection of dehumidifiers. After all, everyone does not want to buy low-quality dehumidifier equipment, which will bring losses to families, factories and enterprises. For the quality of dehumidifier equipment, the most important thing is the control system used, because a good control system can accurately control the operation of each spare part of the dehumidifier equipment, reduce the wear during operation and reduce the speed of replacing spare parts

2. Production strength of dehumidifier manufacturers: the strength of dehumidifier manufacturers is reflected in many aspects, but it may also be difficult to judge because of the self glorification of dehumidifier manufacturers. The best way is to go to the field to learn more. About the strength of dehumidifier manufacturers, you can also learn about and compare the dehumidifier manufacturers recommended by peers and friends of research institutes, as well as enterprises that have purchased their dehumidifier equipment

3. After sales service of the dehumidifier manufacturer: The dehumidifier equipment with the best quality may fail during use due to various reasons, so it is best to determine the after-sales service quality of the manufacturer of the dehumidifier before purchasing, so as to avoid the embarrassment of the manufacturer of the dehumidifier when failure occurs. As long as we master these, we believe that it is not difficult to find a high-quality dehumidifier manufacturer and choose a good dehumidifier

Electrical appliances, an old brand in China that has been established for more than ten years, puts integrity first and ensures that customers' purchase is correct. In the production process, we have adopted the most high-quality accessories and exquisite technology to ensure that the service life of each dehumidifier can reach more than 8-10 years, and we can guarantee that the frequency of failures of our dehumidifier equipment in the first five years is extremely low. In addition, the after-sales service is also strictly controlled. After all, good after-sales service is an important link, which can guarantee that any fault (except for human factors) of the dehumidifier in the first year of use can be repaired free of charge; After the sales, we made a return visit to ensure the quality of dehumidifier equipment, so that customers can buy with confidence

Parkoo series household full-automatic dehumidifier&industrial intelligent dehumidifier is a dehumidifier product with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, which is manufactured by strict use of professional technology and exquisite workmanship. It has an intelligent humidity constant control system. Users can automatically control the operation and shutdown of the dehumidifier according to production needs, achieve efficient dehumidification effect through automatic control, and reduce the operating cost of the whole machine. You are welcome to inquire and choose a good dehumidifier to keep out the humidity

Technical parameters and model selection reference of Parkoo series household automatic dehumidifier&industrial intelligent dehumidifier:

Product model dehumidification capacity applicable area power supply circulating air volume net weight

Choose a good dehumidifier to keep moisture out

_-- 28(L/D)---30-50 (㎡)---420(W)---220V/50Hz--190m ³/ h---15kg

  _-- 58(L/D)---50-80 (㎡)---670(W)---220V/50Hz--850m ³/ h---25kg

  _--- 90(L/D)---90-120(㎡)---1700(W)--220V/50Hz--1125m ³/ h--50kg

  _-- 138(L/D)--130-180(㎡)--2000(W)--220V/50Hz--1725m ³/ h--55kg

  _-- 168(L/D)--180-230(㎡)--2800(W)--380V/50Hz--2100m ³/ h--120kg

  _-- 240(L/D)--240-350(㎡)--4900(W)--380V/50Hz--3000m ³/ h--160kg

  _-- 360(L/D)--360-450(㎡)--7000(W)--380V/50Hz--4500m ³/ h--200kg

  _-- 480(L/D)--500-700(㎡)--9900(W)--380V/50Hz--6000m ³/ H-230kg

◎ Precautions for model selection -- The dehumidification capacity and model of dehumidifier are scientifically calculated mainly according to the volume of the used environment space, the size of fresh air volume, the humidity requirements required by the space environment and other specific values. In addition, it should be noted that the relative humidity of the environment is related to the temperature of the environment. The higher the temperature is, the faster the humidity will evaporate. On the contrary, the worse the effect will be. Therefore, when configuring the dehumidifier, you need to select the type under the guidance of professionals, so that you can select the dehumidifier that is most suitable for you

Core tip: Which brand of dehumidifier is good? What dehumidifier works well? There is not a very accurate answer, but it mainly depends on each user's understanding of this dehumidifier equipment and the industry before purchase. However, you can consult more dehumidifier manufacturers with good reputation in the industry, and then compare various factors together to select the one that is most suitable for you. In a word, in the process of selecting dehumidifier brands, we should be more patient, find more brands to compare, and then select the most suitable, most useful, and most reliable dehumidifier brand

The last thing to note is the price of the dehumidifier, because the price of this dehumidifier will change with the change of parameters; Therefore, it is difficult to determine the specific price, but in the process of selecting the dehumidifier manufacturer, we should not judge whether the dehumidifier is good or not based on the price of the dehumidifier, but we should consider it in many ways. All the above news reports about choosing a good dehumidifier to keep out the humidity are provided by Mashima Electric, for your reference only