Deodorizing purifier for campus public toilet, atomizing deodorization and purifying air

As we all know, small public toilets are related to the peoples livelihood, and government departments, environmental sanitation units and property companies attach great importance to the sanitary c...

As we all know, small public toilets are related to the people's livelihood, and government departments, environmental sanitation units and property companies attach great importance to the sanitary conditions and air quality of public toilets. As public toilets are special places, the concentration of bacteria and odor is much higher than that of domestic toilets, so they need to be disinfected and deodorized frequently. At present, some public toilets only use ventilation for deodorization. In good conditions, deodorant is sprayed through pipes or ozone generated by ozone generators to achieve the purpose of deodorization and sterilization. In the form of pipe spraying deodorant, it is usually sprayed regularly, regardless of whether people are present or not, and one-time spraying is aimed at the entire public toilet space, causing waste of deodorant and affecting the normal use of public toilets; However, those using ozone for deodorization generally only play the role of sterilization, and it is difficult to really achieve the effect of deodorization

On the campus of many schools, compared with classrooms, dormitories, canteens, gymnasiums and other places, the air quality of public toilets is often overlooked, but it is an important livelihood issue related to students' daily study and life. The odor of campus public toilets includes hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methyl mercaptan, indole, methane, ethane, etc., which not only affects the toilet experience, but also damages the human respiratory system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, etc. Generally, when the content of hydrogen sulfide in the air reaches 30-40 mg/m3, it will be pungent, asphyxiated, cause eye and respiratory symptoms, and when the content is higher, it will cause acute or chronic conjunctivitis; Indole and methyl mercaptan in the air can cause headache, dizziness, memory loss, mental depression, decreased immunity, and neurasthenia and disorder

With the deepening of the "toilet revolution" in China, the education departments and schools all over the country have taken the transformation and improvement of the public toilet environment on campus as one of the priorities of their work, and invested in the renovation and reconstruction. The campus toilets that had never been visited have also changed their dirty and messy scenes. The public toilets in schools are used by many people. Especially in the short ten minutes after class, the stink and peculiar smell of the toilets increase significantly. Especially in summer, due to poor ventilation, when cleaning is not timely, the residual urine in the urinals will become putrid and produce biological enzymes and stink. The peculiar smell of the public toilets is pervasive, which makes people shy away. In addition to keeping good cleaning habits, what are the more efficient and lasting deodorization and purification solutions

The omni-directional deodorization and purification solution for campus public toilets should start from the source, effectively control the derivation of odor and peculiar smell, and at the same time, support the ground bacteriostasis and disinfection control, so that the campus public toilets can permanently control the generation of odor even under the high frequency of use. In view of this, the electrical appliance follows the concept of environmental odor control from source deodorization to lasting control, and has developed and produced a campus public toilet deodorization purifier_ The ultrasonic atomization deodorizer, together with the green and environment-friendly natural vegetable liquid deodorant, can carry out regular atomization deodorization for public toilets, with outstanding effect and no secondary pollution; In addition, good ventilation facilities on the hardware facilities of public toilets, such as windows, exhaust fans or fresh air fans, are essential; High quality sewerage facilities, such as urinals; Of course, we also clean and wash frequently, so as to comprehensively and thoroughly solve the problem of stink and odor in campus public toilets

Campus public toilet deodorizer_ Application of ultrasonic atomization deodorizer in the odor removal project of campus public toilets:

Project name: deodorization and purification project of six public toilets in the teaching building of a public primary school in Hangzhou. Under these circumstances, especially for the growing teenagers, the impact and harm are very great

Deodorization scheme: one for each public toilet_ The campus public toilet deodorizer purifier is used for regular atomization deodorization purification. Generally, it is set to start for 5 minutes and stop for 5 minutes to use repeatedly. It is treated from the source to directly purify the internal space of the public toilet

Advantages: the equipment is easy to operate, the deodorization and purification effect is good and stable, and the overall cost is low. The natural vegetable liquid deodorant promotes the combination and replacement of small molecules of malodorous substances through physical and chemical reactions. The atomized fog particles destroy the stability of large molecules, and catalyze the cracking, condensation, and combination of long-chain, multi ring, large molecules of malodorous substances, In this way, odor and odor molecules can be removed from the perspective of changing the molecular structure to achieve the goal of thoroughly controlling odor and purifying the air; It has reached the air quality standard of odorless public toilets, no odor, no mosquitoes and flies, and has been praised by teachers and students of the school

Campus public toilet deodorizer_ Ultrasonic atomization deodorizer can automatically deodorize spaces such as hotels, shopping malls, office buildings and toilets by injecting neutral deodorant, automatically disinfect rooms by injecting neutral disinfectant, and automatically humidify the air in places by injecting tap water

◎ Efficient deodorization: atomize the concentrated solution used for deodorization into gas, so that it can be fully mixed with odor molecules, so as to play the role of efficient deodorization and odor removal

◎ Sterilization and mosquito control: natural plant liquid can be sprayed regularly not only to deodorize and remove odor, but also to sterilize and kill mosquitoes and clean the air, greatly reducing the use cost and maintenance cost

◎ Cost saving: the main component of fog is water, with low cost; Add a little deodorant concentrate, and the ultrasonic atomization technology will give full play to the activity of the concentrate

◎ Ultrafine fog drops: the fog drops after ultrasonic treatment are extremely dense, so the surface activity is strong and the adsorption force is large, which makes the plant liquid have a good effect on the encapsulation reaction of odor molecules

◎ Labor saving: after adding the concentrated solution for deodorization and odor removal once, it can automatically complete the atomization deodorization and odor removal without care for half a month or one month

Campus public toilet deodorizer_ The ultrasonic atomization deodorizer is controlled by the digital time sequence controller in an automatic cycle control mode. The automatic cycle control cycle is from one second to ninety-nine minutes and fifty-nine seconds. The working time and stop time can be set at will. After the setting, it can work continuously without the need for personnel to be on duty; It is equipped with a self-contained water tank with a water capacity of 5.5kg. The upper end of the water tank is connected with a water inlet, and the lower end is equipped with a water drain switch, which is easy to operate and maintain! Welcome to consult the detailed information of the campus public toilet deodorization purifier, atomization deodorization and air purification

Deodorizing purifier for campus public toilets_ Control mode and technical parameters of ultrasonic atomization deodorizer:

Deodorizing purifier for campus public toilet, atomizing deodorization and purifying air

Campus public toilet deodorizer_ The ultrasonic atomization deodorization box body is made of stainless steel, and the surface is sprayed with plastic, which not only ensures the beautiful appearance, but also meets the requirements of equipment anti-corrosion. The six vibrator integrated atomization component is adopted internally, and the water free protection device is equipped. The diameter of the generated fog particles is only less than 10 μ m. The particles are uniform and can be suspended in the air for a long time. According to actual needs, PVC pipes with a diameter of Ф 75mm can be connected, and the transmission distance can be about 5-8m

To sum up, no matter how clean and tidy the public toilet is, there is an unpleasant smell and peculiar smell when you walk in. I believe no one can stand it; The magnificent high-end toilet is filled with the smell of disinfected water, which greatly reduces the image. Therefore, air quality improvement is an indispensable project in the "toilet revolution". After all, the flowers of the motherland are all from schools, so it is particularly important to solve the sanitary problems and air quality problems in public toilets on campus! Let the flowers experience love, let the flowers go to the toilet as kind as home, let the flowers like the toilet, love the toilet, learning will be more dynamic, the motherland will be more prosperous tomorrow

Campus public toilet deodorizer_ The ultrasonic atomization deodorizer uses the ultrasonic atomization principle to atomize the green and environment-friendly natural plant liquid deodorant into 1-5 μ m ultra-fine particles, and diffuses the water mist with plant deodorization effect into the air through the pneumatic device to quickly deodorize; In this process, there are abundant negative oxygen ions, which can clean the air and improve health. All the above information about campus public toilets deodorization purifier, atomization deodorization and air purification is provided by electrical appliances, which introduces some common sense and methods of campus public toilets deodorization and purification. I hope that the management and cleaning personnel of campus public toilets can learn about it as a reference. When designing campus public toilets deodorization and purification in the future, choose the deodorization and purification equipment for public toilets to conduct scientific and reasonable deodorization and purification