March 24,2023

Dehumidifier has a set of moistureproof equipment, which is free from moisture in rainy season

Rotary Dehumidifier_BA Series

dehumidifier moistureproof machine has a set of moisture free in plum and rainy seasons, It makes humidity a problem in daily life and enterprise production

For home life: going back to the south when wet will bring problems such as slippery floor, dry clothes, moldy home decoration, mold breeding, etc

For the production of enterprises, the risk of dampness in the production and storage of products is greatly increased when the wet weather returns to the south, resulting in economic losses such as product damage and production equipment corrosion caused by dampness and mildew

For public places, the public functions will be greatly reduced due to humidity. For example, the humidity increases the risks of vehicles slipping, equipment mildewing and corrosion in the underground garage; Humidity increases the mildew risk of museum collections, especially paper cultural relics

The humidity in the southward day will last until April, followed by the rainy and humid rainy season in June July; Therefore, from this point on, dehumidification cannot be ignored

[01] The dehumidification scheme of villa townhouses -- (ZEDO) fresh air dehumidifier

has three main functions: fresh air ventilation, strong dehumidification, and haze prevention purification

(ZEDO) fresh air dehumidification system can satisfactorily solve the double problems of air pollution and damp mildew in villa townhouses

[02] Dehumidifying scheme for large space places -- (ZEDO) industrial dehumidifier

Main function: large space strong balanced dehumidification

(ZEDO) industrial dehumidifier solves the problem of humidity in large space places such as enterprise production and storage, underground garage and museum, and creates a reasonable humidity environment in large space places

In wet seasons, (ZEDO) dehumidifiers meet the dehumidification needs of homes and all walks of life, create suitable humidity environments for various environments, and solve the problem of humidity